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Help in catching up or getting to know new things.

Asked by Darknymph (189points) August 27th, 2008

I’m new here, and I just want to know what’s been going on here for a while so I can catch up and not feel left out. That way I’ll know how to be a good friend. I want to know if anything interesting has been happening, I got an E-mail from some Necro guy saying to join, what’s that about?

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I’m relatively new myself, a lot goes on here. Just get used to the lay of the land and jump in with comments in discussion. Everyone’s very friendly…wecome Darknymph!

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Thank you! I just wish I had more of a response for this question.

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Explore. Have fun. Contribute!

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I’d say checkout the blog, podcasts and use the search box to search subjects that you are interested in to see other ppl’s questions.

It is my 3rd day here (also a noob)

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Thanks, i’ll contribute, anything new though.

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Aww, windex let’s be friends then.

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Hey, DarkNymph, I’m futhering you!

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Thanks and so am I to you. ;)

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anything else people before i sign off this thread?

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@nymph, you’ll be notified by the “Activity for You” link in the upper, right corner of any Fluther page when something you’ve contributed to has new content. No need to “sign off” of a thread… although you can indeed do that by clicking the Stop Following link at the top, right below the Question asked.

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all right i’ll keep on, thanks, you’re all nice people, it feels good to have friends.

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Hey, did anyone tell her that she’s got to ante up 100 lurve points to everyone when she comes in?

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welcome and enjoy your stay.

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