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What do you think about Ellen Pompeo’s tweet about Kamala Harris?

Asked by JLeslie (59213points) August 3rd, 2019 from iPhone

Here is an article.

People accuse the Grey’s Anatomy actress of being racist for tweeting that Kamala is overconfident and criticized Harris for zeroing on Biden like he’s the only competition and going after him.

I’ll withhold my opinion for now.

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Much ado about nothing.

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Because the woman is black, no one gets to express their opinions about her without being called racist? Ridiculous.

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Because Pompeo thinks that a woman of Harris’ limited abilities should not be as confident as she is. Pompeo believes Harris should limit her expectations because she should realize that Biden, Sanders, and others are more qualified because they are white men.

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I don’t think about anyone’s tweets.

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People are entitled to have an opinion. Not everyone should share their opinions, with the world. But I think some people are looking for something to be mad about.

What if we all judged each other, by our most offensive comments on Fluther?

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Pompeo doesn’t seem to think highly of Harris. Might be interesting to hear why.

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It is the typical reaction from the left. Anytime someone says something negative about one of the darker lib heroes, it can only be racist. This has been going on since Obama was elected. If you said you disagreed with his policies, you were racist. Trump just ran through this with Elijah Cummings, being called a racist because he commented that Cummings ought to focus on his own district.
The fact is that Kamala Harris was one of the “big” names on the stage and she was zeroed in on Biden. Pompeo’s tweet was entirely accurate and free of race. Only in the mind of a racist does race come into play.

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When my husband read me the tweet, I agreed with Pompeo’s statement. Not because of her race, but I do admit her race worries me. I do think a black president will make things even worse in our country, but that is separate from her actions. It’s completely unfair that her race might be an issue, but I don’t think for one second that it was an issue in what Pompeo wrote.

I don’t think there was one mention that Pompeo is married to a black man and has 3 children with him. Would that make a difference? I don’t think Pompeo had one ounce of racism in her statement. I think if anything, she was only making an observation, and maybe even in a way it’s advice to Kamala about how her strategy is coming off to some people. She isn’t the only candidate coming after Biden, and it doesn’t look good in the debates in my opinion.

@MrGrimm888 So you think the tweet is offensive?

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Leaving aside the issue of racism, I disagree with what she said. It makes perfectly good sense to go after the front runner. I don’t see what that has to do with overconfidence.

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@JLeslie . I thought it could be viewed as offensive. I was not personally offended by it. In fact, I think that’s the problem with America. Liberals, are good people. But they get offended by everything, and therefore cannot unite, and get the country back in order. Is a Tweet, really a hill to die for?

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@MrGrimm888 “Is a Tweet, really a hill to die for?” Apparently so. That has been the push for the last couple years. Everything a conservative tweets or any tweet that might even be perceived as a slam on a liberal is automatically blasted. Every one of them seems to be a hill to die for.

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^Well. Here we are, in agreement on another thing. I need to stop drinking….

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^^Oh I don’t know….I think we agree when I drink too!

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