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What is a silly or useless question you might hear?

Asked by seawulf575 (10855points) August 4th, 2019

For example, you are injured and at the ER and the nurse asks “How are you today?” You’re sitting in an ER and are injured. And if you get asked one of these silly questions, what is your answer?

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That’s actually not a silly or useless question. The ER nurse can assess a lot about your condition by how you answer. Level of shock, level of pain, level of cognitive function can all be made apparent by tone of voice, word choice, volume of response, etc.

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My answer to this has been, when I’m feeling particularly frisky or annoyed, “I’m in an emergency room with an injury. How should I be doing?” But there are equally silly questions I have heard elsewhere. I’m just pulsing to see if anyone else hears or notices them as well.

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I agree with @canidmajor.

However, even if I did think a question was silly, I wouldn’t respond with nastiness, unless the question was rude.

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I was in the hospital last year and was being transported to another hospital for an operation. While I was in the ambulance the paramedic went through his list of questions. The first question he asked was, “Do you have any medical issues”. I was aghast. I said “I’m in an ambulance, going to a hospital for surgery, of course I have medical issues”.

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Where to buy stock in Delhi?

I hate the spam posts here, useless indeed.

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Is a frog’s ass water tight?

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The point is that silly questions are so consistent and frequent an aspect of normal living that we aren’t conscious of how often we process and dismiss such comments as a matter of routine, and usually without thinking “that’s senseless”. In fact, the social order which passes for normal conversation would be disrupted to an intolerable degree if such questions were routinely and unfailingly challenged or even brought to attention.

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I had an exchange with someone one time. I asked “How’s it going” He responded “not a lot. You?” I had to respond with “Pretty good”.

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I work in retail, so a silly question for me to ask is ‘how are you?’. The even sillier question that I get in return in lieu of a polite response is ‘do you have any coupons?’

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In Jasper the tourists ask when we let the elk out.

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That’s funny!

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Nice weather, eh?

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One time a cardiologist asked me, “How do you feel when your heart is in atrial fibrillation?”.

I answered, “I feel sick and miserable”.

He asked, “What do you men by that?”.

I asked him, “What part of ‘sick and miserable’ don’t you understand?”.

He answered, “I’m finished with you. My partner down the hall will be your cardiologist from now on.”.

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