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What's a good German heavy metal band name?

Asked by Misspegasister28 (2103points) August 4th, 2019

So I’m making a webcomic, and one of the main characters is obsessed with a German heavy metal band (based off Rammstein). However, I don’t speak a lick of German, so I don’t know what I would call this band.

I’m thinking something, well, metal. So if you have any ideas, please drop them in the responses, along with a translation. Thank you!

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Gusseisen Totenköpfen
Cast iron skulls

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Blitzkrieger.(lightning warrior)

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Sauer Kraut

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Wir Verlieren Kriege

(We Lose Wars)

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@ucme “Wir Verlieren Kriege”

That actually is very good. It has a little self-mockery. Germans, especially younger ones, enjoy mocking their country.

As you can see from this list, lots of bands pick an English name. Just a thought, in case you want something your readers will understand that’s still authentic.

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Feuer Meduse

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Bratwurst in Meinem Arsch band?

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@longgone Oh I know it was good & yeah, the younger generation don’t carry the shame.

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Now I gotta write these down a NJ d pul up translate so I can find out how clever some of you are. OP did mention translations.

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