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Who is your favorite fairy tale character?

Asked by Darknymph (189points) August 27th, 2008

I liked Snow white, singing to the animals and very nice.

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i kinda like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. out of the 4 fairy tales i can think of right now.

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Thanks for the link, do you have any favorites?

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I like the dragons.

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Sorcerer’s Apprentice!

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Cinderella, or Ariel from The Little Mermaid

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Is Black Beauty a fairy tale? No, I think it’s a book. It was my favorite…I always identified with the horse. Fairy Tales? No favorite, but I was always very much afraid of the witch in Hansel and Gretel.

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Dr. Snuggles.

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Cinderella was my favorite story as a little girl. When I grew up I got to meet and marry my very own Prince Charming.

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I happen to relate to eyor from winnie the pooh.. So thats my favorite at this point in time

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On the dark side—I’ve always been a vampire fan. Plus, I hate the Disney reinterpretations of the old myths. The old lore is usually so much more interesting. But as far as pop culture is concerned, I’m an Ariel fan.

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Jonah. Silly guy, always made me laugh.

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Tinkerbell is my favorite!

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The Little Red Hen. Do you remember this story?

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I’ve always liked Peter Pan. Maybe it’s the not growing up part, or the green tights, or the flying..

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@Allie, I’ve always liked Peter Pan, too. I still, occasionally, find myself wishing for a red-headed cutie to come soaring through my window and teach me how to fly. ;)

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I loved peter pan

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The ugly duckling… metaphor here….such is my life!

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That’s not true.

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….Not anymore!

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Apologies….I should’ve posted was….....

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It’s okay that’s we’re here for, to be friends.

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Pleased to make your acquaintance.
...And how’s my crazy friend wrestlemaniac holding up these days?

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He’s okay, I’m keeping him on a leash, it’s an order, Necro > Wrestle > then me = #1

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I’m in control only when she’s not around, how are you keeping these days?

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I’ll be slammin’…..
...once I remove the Herculian-sized, chimera perched firmly on my back….

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Well I love Tinker Bell she is my favorite and when I was little my room was decorated with tinker bell things!

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