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What are some herbs, spices or fruits and vegetables to grow indoors or in a community garden with limited space, in Canada?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16763points) August 5th, 2019

Will have to start indoors until I get permission to grow in the parking lot in my back yard.
I’m thinking of pricey herbs and spices to grow for limited space for maximum gain.

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Like garlic or anything that tastes better fresh.

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Basil. Smells good and tastes great on sandwiches, pizza, or pasta. Parsley is good too, and peppermint if you like it.

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@longgone Ok thanks. I will Google them.

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Peppermint makes breezes smell delicious!

If you have ground outdoors to use, you might grow some sunflowers. The tall kind doesn’t need a lot of space, and they will come up nearly any place they can get sun. The tall ones have those seeds everybody likes to eat. Their root base is small, six to ten inches of diameter, and not very deep.
If you like radishes, they don’t need much space.
For indoor plants, basil is probably the most common.
Leeks and asparagus don’t take much room.
Rosemary is nice. It is commonly used on pizza and in pasta sauces. It will grow according to the space you give it. You can keep it clipped back, but if you put it outside it will become a bush.

Don’t try peppers or tomatoes unless you have an expert gardener to help you. They are needy babies.

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How about potatoes and carrots? Maybe some beets and turnips?

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Rosemary and sage are easy to grow and dry. Harvest mid summer (cut back about ⅔ of plants) and late fall, or just pick it as you need it.

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