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What do swimming, horseback riding, and running, have in common? See detail.

Asked by flo (12904points) August 5th, 2019

What would go in the blank in ”....body exercise”? “Upper”, “middle”, “lower”, “whole”, or other?

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According to commercials, you can do all of them while wearing a tampon.

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Besides the tampon (I love that) they are all forms of exercise, they can all be done competitively or for pleasure. Probably, a lot of people would say they are all relaxing. All exhilarating?

What is very different about them is different muscle groups to do the various sports.

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@JLeslie By “What is very different about them..” do you mean what’s different from other kinds of exercises?

Anyway, running and swimming fall under “whole body” exercise right? Maybe horseback riding too? I don’t know.

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Running does not fall under “whole body exercise” because it does not develop upper body strength.

All four of those ways of working out are Olympic sports.

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Athletic body

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First of all, @All,
There is “upper body” exercises, and “lower body” exercises. Is “whole body” the term that’s used to refer to the exercises that affect the whole body evenly, if not what is it?

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That was hilarious @chyna!!x

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They are all movement.

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Running is lower body, and the muscles are usually long and lean, and it is an impact exercise. Plus, the muscles in the front of the thigh are usually strengthened a lot. In horseback riding the inner thigh muscles are worked. The horse is doing more work than the person riding, but it does take physical athletes and stamina when riding for sport. Swimming is whole body with no impact. It requires a lot of stamina like running. Long distance is different than sprints, and swimming in a pool is different than a natural body of water.

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You need a whole lot of stamina to do them all!

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Good weather

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@JLeslie Yes swimming has always been recommended for whole body workout. So I don’t know why that site says “upper body”.

“Long distance is different than sprints, and swimming in a pool is different than a natural body of water.” In whar way? other than chlorine.

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Currents, temperature, salt/buoyancy.

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@rebbel Of course. Not thinking.

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If say swimming is more upper body than lower. Especially amateur swimmers tend to use mostly their arms to swim, I know I do. When someone swims for speed they learn to coordinate and do more kicking while using their arms. Some people try to do some extra leg work doing laps with a kickboard. You can usually tell if someone is a swimmer from a young age, the tend to develop broad shoulders.

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@JLeslie I’ll go with your ” Swimming is whole body with no impact.”

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