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Who would win, Batman in the Batmobile, or a Tie fighter?

Asked by Caravanfan (5552points) 1 month ago

Lives are at stake.

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It depends on who’s piloting the Tie-fighter of course. If it’s Darth Vader I bet he’d take Batman out easily.

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@nerdgirl578 You think? Every time Batman battles Superman, Batman wins because he’s smarter and uses tricks.

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I don’t think he’s really a pilot though, but Darth Vader is. Besides, he can use the force.

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Depends on which year. Early Batmobiles were internal combustion engines, and not particularly fast.

IN 2008–2009 the Batmobile was described as having 10,000 horsepower and was built on a jet turbine.

Other batmobiles looked like tanks. One could convert to be a submarine.

So – which Batmobile are we comparing?

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Who’s writing and directing the film?

Unfortunately, most film action outcomes are just nonsense where the writer, director or whoever thinks their storytelling is so great it doesn’t have to make any sense or be based on anything other than their storytelling notions.

Speaking of which, why would Batman and a TIE fighter coexist, and even if they did, why would they be doing battle?

Never mind. I don’t want to know.

In an arena combat simulation using some logic and physics, the terrain would matter a lot. If Batman can lure the TIE fighter into a tunnel or something, well, crashing in tight spaces seems to be a popular activity for TIE fighters in films.

But in the open, er, I guess I’ve avoided many recent Batman films so I don’t know what anti-aircraft abilities a Batmobile has been given, but generally I’d expect the TIE to be able to just stay out of the range a Batmobile can do anything and blast away.

It’d really be about the situation and who does what, and since I have no good idea what situation would lead to this duel, there’s even less way to know how it’d play out.

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@nerdgirl578 Actually, come to think of it, Vader didn’t fly a normal Tie Fighter. He had a different design. The one in question is a normal Tie Fighter.

@Zaku “Never mind. I don’t want to know.”
I’m going to tell you anyway. My daughter went to Target yesterday with her boyfriend shopping for stuff for college. She found a cheap Lego Batmobile and a Lego Tie Fighter. They built them and then had a heated argument on who would win in a fight. She was Team Empire, and her boyfriend was Team Batman. I sided, of course, with her boyfriend because he is correct.

and yes, I realize the question is absurd

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The TIE fighter flies, the Batmobile doesn’t. The TIE fighter wins everytime.

Batman is a punk.

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@Caravanfan So? I’m sure he could fly a normal Tie-fighter as well. But to be honest I misread your question, I thought you meant the batwing. A car vs a space craft, now that’s just silly!

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Y’all so WRONG you don’t even know.

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@nerdgirl578 Here is what I’m thinking. Batman has a force shield on his utility belt so Vader can’t detect him. He puts the Batmobile and remote control and fires up at the Tie Fighter to draw his fire. The Tie Fighter fires back and misses, because Tie Fighters are really good at missing. I mean, nobody in the Empire is a good shot. Then, Batman swoops in on a cloaked Batwing and then kills the Tie Fighter.

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@Caravanfan Of course they miss a lot in the movies since they’re considered the bad guys. If it was the old Tie-fighter PC game though Batman would be in a lot of trouble!

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@nerdgirl578 Is spot on! Anyone who has played the old school TIE Fighter and X-Wing sims knows that TIEs can be deadly. Despite how cool Batman’s gear is, his tech is outmatched and out classed by the TIE fighter.

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It depends on which is needed. You wouldn’t send a fighter aircraft into a city battle scene when a tank will do better in that applcation. So if Batman needs the Batmobile, he’ll use that. If he needs more than the Batwing, he’ll use the TIE fighter (Bat-tie).
Who exactly is Batman up against??

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@Dutchess_III you can’t add Bruce Lee. He beats both Batman and the TIE Fighter.

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@kritiper wins with “Bat-tie”

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@gorillapaws @nerdgirl578 I never really have played video games so I don’t have any experience with them. I’ll take your word for it though.

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Bruce Lee would win. Daymn. The boy was hot. Batman was, like…who wants to have sex with bat?

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@Caravanfan ” She was Team Empire, and her boyfriend was Team Batman. I sided, of course, with her boyfriend because he is correct.”

Batman has a moral code. He won’t kill. The Empire, on the other hand, has no qualms whatsoever with purging entire planets.

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@Caravanfan That video is just another example of Batman’s cheating ways. Batman hasn’t been qualified to fight at the lightweight 155 lb level in years, he was way over that, probably closer to Heavyweight. Take away his rich man toys, Mike Tyson would knock him senseless.

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It’s pretty hard to win when you don’t have air supremacy or highly advanced weaponry. Body armor, grappling hooks, gadgets and a fancy car are no match for blasters on a highly maneuverable platform with advanced shielding.

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If we go by the Christian Bale trilogy of films then Batman, as I recall, weighs in at 220 lbs.

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@zenvelo Batman doesn’t care about playing fair. He is not Superman or Wonder Woman.

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