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Did you try to "spare" family members when you were a child?

Asked by longgone (16450points) August 6th, 2019

In what way? Were there things you didn’t want your parents to know? Maybe you protected your siblings from bad news?

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I only tried to spare them how bad I was.

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No, I don’t think so. But then again, things weren’t bad when I was a kid. I was the oldest though, so I did a lot of stepping up and helping my little sisters getting their sorry asses out of trouble, as in, pulling them out of the neighbor’s pool and stuff.

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I tried to spare my mom from day one and am still doing it now.

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I tried to hide my feelings of fear from my mom and dad.

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What were you afraid of @anniereborn?

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Not that I remember.

I did keep some things from my parents, but it wasn’t to spare them.

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@KNOWITALL that makes me cry. That is NOT how it’s supposed to be.

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I tried to protect my mentally ill brother from other Kids. Once he was attacked by a group from our school bus, and I fought them off. I got my glasses broken. They thought he was gay (a sin in those days) and poured perfume on his new fur jacket. I inflicted two black eyes and a bloody nose. Three kids were expelled.

I once asked a friend not to flirt with him, because he would misunderstand. Thank goodness I was wrong on that one, they fell in love.

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I knew Santa was not real but didn’t tell my parents because they liked to put up the Christmas tree and leave out presents while we were asleep.

Of course I could not sleep Christmas night and heard what they were doing.

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And did they get married @YARNLADY?

Yeah, the wrapping paper behind closed doors was a dead give away wasn’t it @Call_Me_Jay .

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@Dutchess_III Yes, they were married for about 10 years.

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I didn’t have a family. It was everyone for themselves. Absolute pandemonium. It’s a miracle that I survived (somewhat).

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I spared no one. Though those were all ruled “unfortunate accidents”.

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@Dutchess Alcohol and mental illness are a terrible combination for a kid to deal with. My heart is and always will be conflicted in regards to mom. I love her and will always take care of her, but for me, I feel a huge weight of responsibility, just ad I did as a child.

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@Dutchess_III I love you too sweetheart.

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