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Does the Christian "New Testament" emphasize that faith is necessary, or does it recognize that people don't have faith and God carries them through anyway, with little or no faith?

Asked by Yellowdog (10782points) August 6th, 2019

It may seem like a moot point, but worthy of discussion, I think.

A lot of the T.V. evangelists a decade or two ago emphasized ‘faith’ as almost a ‘force’ that people have or don’t have, and that the tongue can channel that force.

A more orthodox rendition is that faith is trust and belief. And that if we only trust God, things will work out better than we could have imagined.

Recently, I am noticing a trend that the T.V. evangelists are interpreting many of the texts about faith to mean that we don’t have enough, but should rely on God to make things work out even though we have doubts and have given up. In other words, even though we have lost faith, Christ hasn’t given up on us and will still come through.

The infamous “Mustard Seed” passage (Matthew 17:21) seems to say that the tiniest amount of faith can accomplish great things, but another way of looking at it is that God is the one that makes up for our having such a tiny amount of faith.

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