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What is the "Death Rattle"?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (8077points) August 6th, 2019

Wel dang. I have to post details!

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”...a rattling or gurgling sound produced by air passing through mucus in the lungs and air passages of a dying person…”
-from Merriam-Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed.

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It is terrifying. My Mom described hearing her grandmother do it.

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Thankfully when my mom was dying this didn’t happen. I’m not sure what all they did, but I would not have been able to stand that.

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I guess ny FIL made that sound the day before he died. I guess the body just stops moving anything along. ;(
I saw video he asked folks to take. In it he said “So long boys! I’ll see you at the Pearly Gates.” And he had that choking breathing.

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