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Can you help me with a Facebook issue?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32300points) August 6th, 2019

How can I make it so no one can share any post I make on Facebook? I have tried to find this setting on both the mobile app and on the desktop site.

I need step-by-step instructions, please. The instructions returned in a Google search do not work.

Please help.

I repeat: the instructions returned in a Google search do not work.

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My answer may not be helpful and I HOPE I am wrong, but I don’t think there IS a way to do this. I have tried.

I don’t want anyone sharing SHIT about me on Facebook. (“Shit” in this case meaning, I don’t want anyone sharing ANYTHING about me or anything that I post on Facebook).

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Sometimes friends will share one of my photos and I know that only other friends can see it (since my settings are “friends only.” However, if they share public posts (like newspaper articles for example), then anyone can read it.

I googled your specific question, and got this right from the FB help section (on FB itself from the Help Team): Anyone included in the privacy of your posts and photos are able to view, like, comment on, or share your post. However, you can use the “Custom” privacy setting to hide your photos from specific people, which will prevent them from being able to view and share your photo.

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If a friend has a photo or link that can’t be shared (the share button doesn’t appear) I can still always copy paste or save and post it. So, basically any friend who wants to grab what you posted can.

I don’t know if this will help, but I noticed my cousin, when she posts a link to a news story the share button is there, but when she writes out her own words or posts a photo of her own, there is no share button. So, my assumption, only an assumption, is if you share a link then if the original link was public, you can’t change its share-ability maybe. I’m not sure though.

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Sorry to post twice. I wonder if “limiting” your posts would do it? I know you can limit past posts.

I looked at the privacy settings, and even though google and Facebook help say there should be a specific “share” category to turn on and off I can’t find it, which is what I guess happened to the OP from what he wrote.

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^I have also seen the instructions about the “share” category in privacy settings. It is not there on mobile or the desktop. I’m thinking they’ve removed it.

My privacy settings are set as high as possible. In the past, it was possible to turn off the ability to share my posts, and I had it set as such. Recently, a few friends have shared a few posts. Thus, I noticed the change.

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Okay, the share button only pops up if you set your setting to Public.

I always use “Friends Only” on my options most of the time, but as someone else said, we can still copy pics and things

Your options in the drop down on each post are always:
Public, Friends Only, Friends except…, Specific Friends, Only Me, Custom.

If you need more, PM me.

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This isn’t helpful to you, but I just make sure I never post something that I don’t want shared to the whole world.

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@KNOWITALL That’s interesting! It seems counterintuitive.

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The thing is, even if you are using the highest privacy settings, so that the “share” button does not appear, any one of your friends can copy your entire post, and save and re-post your photos, and you might not even know about it, if they then post your stuff, but don’t make it visible to you.

Your best bet is to be very selective with whom you make your posts visible, and if you are having an issue with a “friend” either have a discreet conversation with them and ask them not to copy or share your stuff, or exclude them, specifically, from sensitive posts, or even put a polite disclaimer right on your post, that you would prefer that people refrain from copying, or sharing your post, and then hope for the best.

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@Kardamom Its so rude, too.

I’d have made it Public if I wanted it shared, Becky!!!


PS i would also recommend making your photo albums private. Profile and cover are always public.

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Sorry, There is no way – no matter how you private you make it or how tight your settings

If you show it to someone they can use screen shot software like a Snipping tool to cut and paste it. The only option is to block the suspected forwarder or not post it.
If you wand to fuge out who the culprit is make minor changes that appear insignificant but are actually a binary code for you. For example 2 extra spaces, a comma, a word choice make 4 selectors which are enough to make 16 different messages that look the same. When you examine the stolen post you can determine the sender.
It is easier to do this in a large document. 10 small changes give you over 1000 possibilities. You are effectively numbering the copies.

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