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Can someone please help me with this essay?

Asked by MaisyS (527points) August 7th, 2019

I was assigned an autobiography for school, around 300–450 words long. It’s due tomorow and although I’ve been working on it for a while I’m unsatisfied. I don’t want to write a typical autobiography because i feel that that’s just boring now. Does someone have any ideas on how to put a twist on this to make it interesting? Just in case you need to know, I’m doing this for O Level English so yeah. Does someone have any interesting, out of the box ideas?

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I think a personal essay is always more compelling if you can start it with a little scene or even some dialogue.

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To build on what @janbb said, describe an insight or epiphany that came to you within the last year or so, and the circumstances in which it occurred, then use that to build a narrative to how you got there.

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Who are you writing about, @MaisyS?

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300 words is not that many, so start with a bang of an opening sentence. Write the rest of the paragraph around that, and then bring it up with a concluding sentence related to your opening sentence.

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What makes you think it is either typical or boring?

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