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I'll be getting a puppy (bully) 2-3 weeks from now, can you help me name him?

Asked by AnthonyLeads (58points) August 9th, 2019

I’m really bad into giving names, can someone help me please?

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Is he a pit bull? “Steeler”, as in Pittsburgh Steeler.

“Finch” as in Bullfinch

At least he already has a theme song

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A sweet name to take away the stigma of being a pit bull. Or do you mean he is a bull dog?

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Boy. If he ever gets lost, everyone who tries to help get him home will already know his name.
Here, Boy.
Good Boy.
Atta Boy!
Sickem, Boy!
Down, Boy

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Post a picture when you get him please.

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Doorbell – would be funny if he barks whenever someone is at the door. DB for a nickname.

Pete the Pup was the Our Gang dog with a circle around his eye. Pits were the popular family dog 100 years ago, like Labs today.

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Wait until he gets there to come up with a name.
I had a roommate years ago who wanted a German Shepherd, and he wanted to name it “Buck.” So when he got the dog, that’s what he named it.
How cliche’! Give him two syllables at least…

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(Great food names of dogs I actually know.)

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I like people names. Like Eddie, or Sam, or Penelope.

What are the colors, like brindle, spotted? My boy was a black with brown brindle we named JD for Jack Daniels. I was young haha

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I’m at the vet right now. Some guy has a dog named Mister. Not creative.

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Any time I get a new dog & I don’t come up with a name right away, I just start calling out names & eventually they respond to one of them & they get named the one they picked!!!

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