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I can have Hyderabad cuisine delivered to my home. What should I order?

Asked by wiscoblond (2250points) August 9th, 2019

You take a girl out of rural west central Illinois and look what she found! Hyderabad House delivers!

I’m really enjoying the city life. What should I order when I have a little extra money to dine out at Hyderabad House?

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Spam in all its delicious derivatives. Congratulations on your achievement in beating me to Mecca. I thought of something that would cheer my jealous heart no end. How about a photo of yourself in front of the APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER, or if not, a photo of the center alone. That would be tough to top. There aren’t enough lurve anywhere to reward such a feat.

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@wiscoblond Is this your new incarnation? Hows the family?

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It is. We live in Madison, WI now and absolutely love it. There is so much to do and we are surrounded by lakes. It’s my heaven. We only need to travel at the most three miles for superb medical help. We are in the perfect city for transgender acceptance and care.

Thanks for asking. :)

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