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Would you want your neighbors to know about which causes and organizations you donate money to?

Asked by raum (7264points) August 9th, 2019 from iPhone

As asked.

(Sorry for ending a question with a preposition.)

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Great question. ( I just wrote a question about risking your life for a cause that was important to you, but I scrapped it.) Your question is a bit similar so I couldn’t pass it up.

Yes I would. I refuse to stay silent about the causes that are most important to me. There are people who would have never spoken out about injustices if someone before them hadn’t done it first.

edit, I misread your question and totally missed the money part. Don’t know if my answer still stands. Forgive me.

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Only if I volunteered the information. Periodically there is talk of some kind of registry of donors and that bothers me a lot. If, in a normal conversation, I get castigated for supporting Planned Parenthood, I shudder to think what would happen if a radical, armed Pro-Birth advocate got my information.

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I don’t care if they know or not. I donate to some charities and my church (which does a lot of help in our area). These things I don’t do for glory or fame…I do it because it is a way to help others beyond what I can do by myself. I have the same attitude about organizations or causes. I don’t care if people know or not since if I care enough about the cause or the organization to donate to them, I ought to be willing to admit it.
But the question opens up a whole other can of worms. Doxxing is done to cause trouble. For instance, if someone put out a list that said I donated to the Trump campaign, those anti-Trumpers could do everything possible to make life miserable for me. That becomes a whole different avenue of discussion. Is it right to protest or attack someone just because they have a different opinion from you?

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I don’t interact with my neighbors, so…

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I know donations to politicians are public.

I don’t often donate to politicians. If anything, I will donate to animal welfare organizations.

I wouldn’t mind if my neighbors knew.

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I dont mind at all. I’d tell them if asked.
Local politicians, shelters, some church and community events.
Now you know.

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Myself I wouldn’t but I don’t really know to many trustworthy people, but if your neighbor donates for the same cause it wouldn’t be bad. It would be a conversation piece on the golf course.Staying on the safe side I would keep that to myself. From my experiences people sorta change when it comes to money. If your neighbor starts to bring it up first I would be a little suspicious because I don’t see what or how much you donate or whom you donate to is nobodies business but yours.

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What prompted this was someone in a local Facebook posted about how a fast food chain donated money to the Republican Party. (As most large companies do, they have actually donated to both parties.)

But then this led to someone posting a list of individual campaign contributions from people who live in our city.

While I admit that I opened the link and took some mental note, it did make me a bit uncomfortable. Especially when someone asked if so and so was the owner of a local business.

While I do believe that people have a right to decide where to spend their money, this made me extra uncomfortable because it wasn’t even the business owner in question. It was just someone with the same name. :/

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@raum, that’s why I answered the way I did. The idea of strangers being able to determine that I am a threat to someone (a fetus, perhaps?) because I espouse the idea that poor women should have access to health care, scares the crap out of me.
Or someone gets wigged out because I support an animal help group that’s not the one they like best. Or somesuch.

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