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Would you think twice about going to a Mexican market or event?

Asked by JLeslie (61549points) August 10th, 2019 from iPhone

My husband told me last night about Plaza Mariachi in Nashville.

My husband hasn’t been there, but a work colleague told him they make fresh tortillas there. It seems like a fairly large venue that has restaurants and other shops and scheduled entertainment.

As I looked at the website my mind wandered to that same place I go when I’m in a synagogue. That the place can be a target for a hater.

I still go to these places that make me think twice, but I wonder do you even think twice about it? No matter what ethnic or national background you are, do you ever have a fleeting thought that being in a place that highlights minorities makes you more vulnerable? I used to go to a gay night club all the time back in my teens, it never occurred to me there, but it was in a really bad part of DC so we did worry about violent crime walking from our cars to the front door. Once inside we felt safe. Now, I think even inside I would have that fleeting thought of being in a place that could be targeted.

I know people who now won’t go to movie theaters because they are afraid of being shot, which has nothing to do with being a minority, but it is another example of people feeling afraid in a place people gather, and has been targeted before.

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I’m not going to change anything I do because of those right wing lunatics.

If I die, I die, but I am not going to let a bunch of terrorists screw up my life.

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I was to a big concert last year, 60 000+ people, and there had been a few terrorist attacks in my country fairly recently at the time. I was thinking about it then, but you can’t let fear of attacks like that run your life.

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Anyone can be a target by anyone, from anyone, for any reason, real or imaginary.

People who target Mexicans or Hispanics have always been infinitesimally small in number. Those who target Jews are only slightly more. Of course these assaults happen regularly.
My experience has been that most bombers and shooters have personal, employment, or political strife.

A Hispanic, Jewish, or Muslim market or venue would be a wonderful cultural experience. I buy couscous from several Halal food markets weekly. I eat at Mexican restaurants and usually attend Hispanic street events. I regularly attend Jewish worship. Sometimes, when experiencing something new, I wonder if I should have an escape plan. But the longer and more often I go to these, I see that this is unlikely. I am more likely to get gunned down at Walmart, McDonalds, a shopping mall, or a university campus. And I’m not afraid to go in those places.

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What people are afraid of is often not rational though. For instance, I’m afraid of flying even though I know it’s one of the safest ways to travel. I’m not afraid of driving even though I’m probably far more likely to die in a car accident than a plane crash or terrorist attack.

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Just the opposite. I’d be encouraged to go to show my support.

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Absolutely not. All this does is make me defiant and more willing to attend such an event. Can’t give into fear; that’s what terrorists want.

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Life is too short to try to hide from events as likely to befall you as winning the lottery. In fact, go out and buy a ticket

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That’s good advice, actually, @stanleybmanly

A dollar or two to buy hope, even if false hope, is a greater thought than false fear.

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In no way would I think twice. I was at my local Mexican market just a couple of hours ago. Feel safer there by orders of magnitude than the local Walmart. All kinds of shady shit happens there.

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Nope, would hesitate for one second. The only fear I have at places like that is going into a restaurant where I may be assaulted by a mariachi band. Other than that…nope. Fun places to go.

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I refuse to allow the whacked out nut jobs control my life!!! When it’s my time to die, I will simply die…NO matter where I am. IF it’s at an event as you’re describing, at least I’ll die while having a good time!!!

A lady who lives about a ½ mile from my house opened her front door a few days back to only be beaten by a stranger. Am I going to move out of my home??? Oh hell noooooo!!! I am a disabled senior citizen who lives alone, so I have always made it a habit to not open my door unless I’m expecting someone. ALL my friends know to call me before coming to visit or they will be ringing my bell until the cows come home!!!

When I go out in public, I keep aware of what’s going on around me. In some cases it could save my life…in others, it might do nothing. I’m not afraid of dying & I’m not going to let others fears control my life!!!

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Nope. The authentic Mexican Rest and bakery is a favorite. From groceries to pinatas, no American concessions other than the basics. Delicious, friendly.

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No. If anything, it makes me want to be more in community with them and do more business with them. And it makes me want to have less and less to do with any business or person that seems sympathetic to xenophobic, racist, or even anti-illegal-immigration sentiments.

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Ethnicity has nothing to do with any of my decisions. If I am setting out to eat, shop, or find entertainment, I go where I can find what I want.
I don’t fear any shooters anywhere I go.
I was in the Navy. When I had to stand watch at night I sometimes got fearful. I was stationed at the academy, and a short drive from DC. It felt like we could be a target.
I think the worst thing that happened while I was on watch was a guy capsized his boat attempting to launch.
Canned beer floats.

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I probably wouldn’t go in one if I was in Mexico especially right now. I don’t believe the Mexicans like America right now. In the states I would hesitate. I have Mexican friends and I can speak enough Spanish to get a point across. Oh yeah! I taught myself that but they are still people and most of the ones I know are pretty cool.

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@Gizzy11 You’re afraid of the Mexicans? Well, that’s out of left field. Interesting twist.

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Hispanics are not that different from mainstream U.S. culture even in Hispanic countries.

They tend to be staunchly Roman Catholic and even their protestant churches worship takes on Catholic elements. They are mostly hard working and have strong family values, but politically more socialist/ ..

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@JLeslie, where did you get that? Left field, indeed! Gizzy said nothing about not liking Mexicans.

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….“They are still people.” Well that’s a revelation.

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Good lord! You people would poke holes in a brand new bucket, just to exclaim it doesn’t work.

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@Patty_Melt I didn’t say he didn’t like Mexicans. He didn’t say anything to indicate he didn’t like Mexicans.

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