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How would you feel if J.C. Penney, K-Mart, Sears, or Gamestop went out of business?

Asked by reijinni (6953points) August 10th, 2019

Gamestop (GME):3.59
J.C. Penney (JCP):0.60
Sears / Kmart(SHLDQ):0.30

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Sucks for the people working there, but if management fails to adapt the business to an online purchase dominated market, extinction is what follows.

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Adapt or die.

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Aren’t they all pretty much already there?

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I live ten minutes from a great mall that has a Sears and JC Penney in it. A few years ago, the Sears store was made way smaller, and something else put in the other space. Times I’ve been to Sears to return something I purchased from Lands End, I find the Sears clothes to be horrible. A friend told me she bought sheets from Sears a few years ago and they were full of bed bugs. I never purchase clothes or anything from Sears, although my recent washing machine was from Sears. JC Penney I don’t go to very often, but I think it is helpful to have retail stores available if we should need something desperately, last minute. Friends at work tell me they shop at JC Penney, because they have clothes for tall women. A few holiday seasons ago I bought great teachers’ gifts for my daughter’s teachers.

So how do I feel? I feel kind of sad and that it can be helpful to have these retailers around.

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Don’t give a rats ass. The only thing that I don’t like is there is less competition but these businesses were hardly “competing” anyway. Rural King moved into the old Kmart store fronts here in parts of Tennessee. That’s one good thing.

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I don’t shop at any of them, but I would feel bad for the employees.

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Well, Sears bought K-Mart years ago & ran them into the ground. Then Sears ran themselves into the ground. Where I live, ALL those you asked about have already gone out of business with GameStop being the last one to go under!!! I used to shop at all of them with the exception of GameStop & I can honestly say that I don’t even miss them!!! Now it seems that Walmart is doing its damndest to run itself into the ground. The one thing that I’ve learned in my lifetime is that life goes on & seldom even slows down. With every business that goes under there is one coming up to take its place. That might not be a pleasant thought; but, it’s a fact!!!

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JC Penney still has a big & tall men’s department with decent selection. So I would miss that, but there are alternatives.

Sears, Kmart, Gamestop = Dead Man Walking.

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Gamestops are cool and pretty popular for gamers, so keep them.

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Stores disappear all the time and I barely notice.

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I miss Consumers Distributing. I bought a GE clock radio in the 80’s with my own money that I saved up for with my allowance. $19.99. I still have it and listen to radio news then and comedy often with it.

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All the “big box” retail places, are dying right now. Customer service, seems to be of little concern too.

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Walmart is about the only option I have for right now. The manager knows me by my first name. Customer service sucks there & I frequently call to complain about the service I’ve received!!! In order to be fair, I also call (although not as frequently) to praise any good & helpful employees that I’ve encountered. Sadly, the bad outweighs the good!!!

There’s no longer a J.C. Penney within 100 miles of my town. Don’t know that all of them in the country closed. Might just be the ones in my neck of the woods that didn’t survive

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They’re already gone around these parts.
I can still get what I need online.

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All of those stores excluding GameStop closed down in the rural area I lived in in Illinois.

I now live in a city where I have many options to shop. If these stores closed it wouldn’t bother me.

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Our Gamestop and JCPenny’s are still open, both within walking distance of my house. We believe the Fry’s electronics where my DIL works is closing soon. All the supervisors are taking their vacations and using up sick leave, plus store inventory is not being replenished, and there is a hiring freeze. Several employees have already left, so she gets extra hours filling in, and is looking for another job

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