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Do you think that the USofA will ever become a "No Kill" country?

Asked by LadyMarissa (10067points) August 10th, 2019

Best Friends Animal Society has been working to make the US a “No Kill” country. It was recently announced that Delaware has become the first “No Kill” state in the US & BFAS is pushing to make the entire US a “No Kill” country by 2025. Now they are working to get other states to follow Delaware. Do you think that there is any chance this movement will become countrywide & would you be willing to work to support it???

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I would love it and support it, if research pans out on the financials etc..

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Not a chance in the world. Zero. They should spend their time working towards spaying and and neutering.

- Primary reason: cost and facilities. If there is no killing of unwanted pets, then the number of animals will go up significantly. That means (a) costs for staff, food, veterinary service, etc., and (b) increasing demands for space and sanctuaries. In the northeastern US, big expanses of property cost a lot of money to buy and fence. Where will all this money come from? Or will there be a movement to reduce welfare to humans so that animals can survive?

I, for one, wouldn’t support a penny of my tax dollars going for this sort of thing.

They might make it work in a small state like Delaware, but I think that states of any size would quickly overwhelm resources available.

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It’s not realistic, at this point. Too much hate, is being proliferated, by BOTH sides. Mainly for political reasons…

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Nice idea, but never going to fly which is quite sad but to much greed,hate,over population and so on.

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I would love for this to happen, but i just don’t know how it would. There are way too many unwanted pets. Where would they all go???

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Once the humans are all dead, yes.

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Most animal shelters are already strained for space and resources as is it.

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As long as people eat meat, no.

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