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At home, do you always sit with your feet up?

Asked by JLeslie (59180points) August 10th, 2019

I don’t mean at the kitchen table obviously, but when watching TV, or sitting in the family room do you usually have your feet up?

What made me curious was my father was telling me today to keep my feet up as much as possible, and I just wondered where he has been? In my house, when he visits, he can easily observe we always have our feet up when relaxing.

Some houses I go to have a sofa and chairs and a coffee table. Do people put their feet up on the coffee table? I’ve never had a coffee table in my family room. Always ottomans to put your feet up, and end tables for drink glasses.

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Yes. Even in the bath.

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I try to keep my feet up. But, it’s difficult, because I’m such a big guy. The few articles of furniture I have, make it difficult. I try. But mostly fail, at keeping them up. It helps. But, I have a heavy upper body. So. I usually fall. Things are often easier said, than done.

But… We have to try… Life is not without its challenges. I have definitely hurt myself, by trying this. But what am I supposed to do? Give up? Keep trying. It will help.

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Ottoman here, the others have recliners.

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Only when on the sofa. I spend a lot of time at my desk, hard to have my feet up there.

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You asked “always” and then “usually”?

Anyway, no. Fairly often, but not always and not usually.

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At my parents’ house there are ottomans, but even then I don’t always put my feet on them. Here it’s not an option because the coffee table is always covered in stuff. My roommate sometimes uses it as a secondary workspace.

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Feet raised as I type this.

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@Zaku Yeah, always is too finite. Usually is more accurate I think.

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Mostly, coffee table.

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I tend to sit with my legs up on the couch when at home or when visiting friends where I’m comfortable with doing it in their houses.

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I’m always on the move but if I do kick back & relax with my feet up a member of our staff will oblige me by assuming the “pouffe” position.

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