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Are you the type who would never hesitate launching a nuclear weapon?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26674points) August 11th, 2019

How do you think they select people to man those final “buttons” to push launching nuclear missiles? What are the qualifications?

Only a few times have I seen this scenario play out in fictional movies and was prompted to ask this while watching this episode from the TV series Monsters. link

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No, all people should hesitate.

Theres protocol to prevent a mistake, not that any of us are privy to that info.

Be interesting to know though.

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I would never hesitate to not use them on my fellow aliens.

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I would hesitate if I was considering a first strike but would not hesitate an instant for a retaliatory strike.

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I’m not at liberty to say.

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Yes, but only to wipe out an invasion of mutant zombies from the Xth dimension

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Too many unknowns to answer.

Is this a tactical nuke that would be centered on one city? Or would this be a huge nuke that would destroy a country and begin WW4?

What sort of retaliation am I expecting? Would pressing the button mean the annihilation of the entire US? That would be bad. Wyoming, not so much.

And am I doing this for a good reason, or because I am pissed off at a world leader who called me a name?

You can’t answer a question like this in a vacuum/

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I would hesitate like hell.

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I claim the Denzel amendment & so does my mother.

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I would refuse to initiate a first strike, even if it meant my own death. In fact, if I were in the situation where I was being ordered to initiate a first strike nuclear launch, I’d probably do everything possible to permanently disable the warheads to prevent my replacements from launching if I’m arrested/killed.

If it’s a retaliatory strike, then I really can’t be sure what I would do. I can be sure though that if I were part of the nuclear launch team, I would have played out every possible scenario 100 different ways and come to some conclusions about what I would/would not be willing to do.

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^^Makes me wonder if minutemen are actually informed what it is they’ll be launching whether it’s nuclear or not. To prevent deviating from procedure.

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@mazingerz88 They don’t have a choice over what type or how many to launch. They get the order, they launch.

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I’m not sure. Most of the guys in the silos or on the submarines don’t know the why or wherefore of the launch order. They can only launch on an order from the POTUS, if I remember correctly. When that order comes you wouldn’t necessarily know if it was a first strike or a retaliation. And it really wouldn’t matter, I would think. You know that launching the missiles will result in killing millions either way. So from that aspect you would hesitate. But knowing the order came from someone with a better understanding of the big picture might make you go ahead with it.

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To be honest, I guess I would. The thought of killing billions of people with a push of a button is repugnant to me. Gun to my head…I guess I would.

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