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Could Bill Clinton be so close to someone they would let him use their private plane several times, and still not know them well enough to be aware of their ongoing criminal activities?

Asked by Patty_Melt (15610points) August 11th, 2019

It has been rumored that flight logs show Bill Clinton used Epstein’s private jet several times. If that is true, is it likely he never once picked up on clues about the behaviors of his friend?

Does anyone have factual information about specifically how they were involved with each other?

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I don’t know for how long already that plane was also known under the nickname Lolita Express, and if that was more or less general knowledge, but that could have been a small giveaway (were it already so when Bill flew it).

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Seems very possible to me. He might have known at least some of it though. I have no idea.

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I don’t see why he should have known. What could Epstein have possibly gained by such a discussion?

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I know lots of people professionally, and have ridden in their cars and in one case, been on their boat, but that doesn’t make me knowledgeable about their private sexual life.

I can easily see how finance and politics could be compartmented from sex. Particularly illegal sex.

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Come to think of it I flew on a company jet a couple of times and I don’t know the executives in the company or the owner at all.

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People’s bedroom habits may or may not be something that their friends know about.

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But if they were that close, I think Epstein would have at least tried to “recruit” him.
So even if he did not actively participate in the debauchery, he would have at least known about it.
Like some other guy you know.

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There is no reason to know any more about the owner’s sex life than that of the pilot. Were I a politician and someone offered me the use of his plane, my assumption would be that he backs me politically and wants me to owe him a favor.

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Powerful /wealthy people, get lots of benefits. Rarely, are they questioned, about WHY they are getting them. I was a bodyguard a few times. Part of that job, is to ignore deplorable behavior, by the person who you are expected to protect. You ignore almost all illegal activities.

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It’s certainly possible for someone to use another person’s jet without knowing about their illegal activities. It’s also possible that Clinton did some naught things too. He had a history of sexual indiscretions in his past—though never with underage girls (at least that is known publicly).

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Ha, wow. Bill knew, I have no doubt that pervert was complicit. He couldnt keep his pants zipped for a few years as Pres. Come on.

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