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Can the Clintons sue the United States Government when Trump floats accusations of murder?

Asked by Pandora (28143points) August 11th, 2019

It seems there is so much that Trump can get away with saying without repercussions, but it got me wondering if the US government is free of slander laws every time Trump slanders a citizen without proof of a crime, since Trump is a government official. He retweeted a conspiracy theory that the Clintons had Epstein knocked off. If a regular public servant did that they would be fired and the city or state or federal government could be sued. So can the sue the US Government since there appears no way to stop the lies and accusations that the president spreads like butter.

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Perhaps fortunately, it would be next to impossible to seat a jury with the majority unconvinced of the derangement of the defendant.

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@stanleybmanly The government would have to prove he’s insane to win and be at no fault. So to do that they would’ve had to invoke the 25th amendment. So no matter what the jury believes they can only work with facts presented.

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No. It would be almost impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the government had anything to do with it. Anyone can say anything so long a it doesn’t border on libel/slander, even Trump. Proving truth of matter is another story.

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@Pandora. No the government would be in the awkward position of defending the President who cannot be sued anyway for such comments while in office. But it would be interesting to see just how many potential jurors would have to be dismissed following the challenge : “do you believe the President to be of sound mind?”

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A couple of things:

1) they couldn’t sue the US. They could sue the President as a person, but not as the United States of America. The US cannot be sued unless it agrees to be sued. That is 200-year-old law.

2) the Clintons would have a heck of time proving libel. Even if they could sue Trump, he can say what he wants. And Trump cast innuendos, but technically didn’t accuse the Clintons of anything.

But if I were Hillary and Bill, I wouldn’t respond. Trump isn’t taken seriously by much of anyone nowadays. Let Trump dig his own grave.

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There seems to be an unstated assumption in the Constitution that the President will possess some minimal level of gravitas and will not engage in playground level taunts and accusations. Such behavior does not justify impeachment, but is nevertheless disgraceful. We can only hope that Trump will be regarded as an aberration, and that future presidents will be more presidential.

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But if I were Hillary and Bill, I wouldn’t respond. Trump isn’t taken seriously by much of anyone nowadays.

The responsible press should stop reporting his raving. They should plainly report whatever he does in an official capacity and ignore him otherwise.

He is president because, from the moment he announced in 2015 until today, he makes himself the most prominent story of the day. He will spout something ridiculous or outrageous for the attention. And it has worked.

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Trumps not the only one saying it, my friends. Half the population is.

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Clinton’s involvement with Epstein is well documented—he flew on his private jet to Pedophile Island 29 times.

The media will keep this quiet. Don’t worry.

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The media will keep this quiet.

They keep it quiet and yet you know about it. Because you have special access to super secret information.

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Trumps not the only one saying it, my friends. Half the population is.

I can see how it would seem that way. If you are steeped in the extreme right swamp.

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@Call Me I detest both parties and have voted both parties, but carry on with your denial of reality. You probably dont think the Clintons and Trump are friends either ha!

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@Call_Me_Jay The media were reporting the flight records for a couple of days.

This was shortly into the overwhelming spin that Trump was somehow involved. That narrative overran the flight records, before dying out itself .

I am more concerned with the fact that I have read for decades about the uber-wealthy, the types whom countries and kings become endebted to, having impunity and running such profane orgies and lifestyles. Here is a case where it has actually happened. Evidently, maybe the conspiracy theories—some as late as 2009 on the Christian networks about Epstein getting away with this because of his association with the Clintons, maybe weren’t so far fetched,

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