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What are the laws or standards of practice for a doctor to notify a patient of an abnormal test result?

Asked by JLeslie (58941points) August 12th, 2019 from iPhone

Let’s say test results come back and you have results way outside of normal. Is the doctor supposed to notify you within a certain amount of time?

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He should but i don’t think there’s a law about it. If there is a law, probably laws are different for each state.

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My results are posted within a week online, and mailed. Before the internet I got a phone call, then mail.

Not sure what the law is anywhere, but we have to specify on our forms how we want to be notified.

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My local Medical Center (Northeast Georgia Health System) has a “bill of rights” – it isn’t really called that – but it is about a dozen rules that they say they will follow in how they treat patients. One of them is “informing patients promptly and confidentially of test results”.

I doubt that there are state laws. Most likely there are internal rules.

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Contact the AMA, they probably will know about this.

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I’m pretty sure this would either be a state law (in some places) or simply dependent on the standard of care guidelines.

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