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Which argument for healthcare policy, Democratic or Republican could have convinced this couple not to commit murder-suicide over worries on treatment costs?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25184points) August 12th, 2019 from iPhone

In a fictional scenario where a Republican and Democratic politician get to spend an hour each talking to the couple about their healthcare plans, which one has a better chance of preventing the murder-suicide?

If this link doesn’t work——please google “Washington couple dead in an apparent murder-suicide.”

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To take the cynical side of this:

Some Republican party supporters – mostly Tea Party and fiscal conservatives, would not have made any effort to prevent these people from commiting murder-suicide. Their rationale: if you don’t have the money, too bad. Tough shit. You shouldn’t be drinking from the public trough and getting the government to pay for your health care. You’re on your own.

Remember that it is the R party that doesn’t approve of food stamps or welfare, because those sorts of social support programs breed dependency on those who receive it.

And it is the R party that has tried to neuter Obamacare and single payer healthcare and just about everything else health-care related.

So if a republican “plan” come up to address these dead peoples’ needs,, I wouldn’t trust it for a second.

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Either one could had offered that they would be taken care of.
The couple should had immediate healthcare to prevent what actually happened in the end.
Some form of assistance other than just talk..something tangible that would had alleviated there worries etc

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Neither. Arguments are worthless. It doesn’t change anything and it wouldn’t change anything for that couple.

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Neither. Your link doesn’t work for me, but reas an article yesterday on Facebook. Aren’t they on Medicare? They looked old enough. That means Medicare for all wouldn’t have helped. The Republicans don’t seem to be trying to take away Medicare for 65 and up. If we went with throwing medical care out to competition, the mantra of the Republicans lately, I don’t think the couple would have a better situation.

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It would have to be a Dem as trump would simply have explained to them that he has excellent health care & thousands of people outside waiting on him to leave.

I don’t think either side could have helped as their situation was so dire that they felt hopeless!!!

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Neither one.

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Apparently the couple fall under the title of lost and forgotten. The link didn’t work a nd offered to send me to another link. That link didn’t work either.

A simple conversation would not save the couple. People who suicide have more going on than a single sociopolitical issue.

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@JLeslie brings up a good point. This article notes they were in their 70s so would have qualified for Medicare. I’ve been on state medical in the past. Best insurance I ever had. No deductible, no premium, didn’t have to pay a dime for anything. In that couple’s case, something isn’t adding up. How did they even have any medical bills?

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This couple’s demise represents this country’s answer to the question: what obligation has the society to the individual?

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What’s really at stake here? Both sides, will blame other… No one will truly know. Only the couple will know themselves… Andwho do you even trust, two idiots, capable of writing their own notes?
The situation calls, for me to think they were bother crazy. I give no credence, to ether side…

They were just two stupid druggies. Can’t realistically blame anyone….IMO.

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