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Would you survive Room 1408?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25184points) August 12th, 2019

Haven’t read the book and only saw the movie with John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. Curious as to what kind of person it is that would most likely beat this dark room.


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Probably people with solid spiritual training (not materialist skeptics), boundaries, grounding, spirit allies, people who understand what their core self is, have experience with spirits and ghosts, etc.

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I would just consume the ghost.
Paltry terran apparition attempting to tangle with an elder abomination. HA!

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I survived the movie.
After seeing the condition of the room at the end I’m guessing is it would be pretty difficult to survive. i can assure I would not be walking around from from to room blindly knocking things over. I’d sit with my back against a solid wall with my UV light in hand.
I also would not be drinking or eating anything given to me. The first clue for me would be when the other person gives me a drink but does not drink it himself.
But there was one thing that made the whole thing totally unbelievable: the guy traveled many hours to get and when he finally got to his room he didn’t immediately run to the bathroom to pee! Now THAT’S not right! ;-)

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^^I would like to see all the characters in Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs stay inside Room 1408. :)

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The real question is, could any of you survive the Cube?

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It’s Lovecraftian and beyond human comprehension. No.

the movie was trash

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