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Do you own, and regularly use, a robotic lawn mower?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38072points) August 13th, 2019

I was reading an article about them here The Best Robotic Lawmowers and was intrigued by the concept. They are supposedly quiet, energy efficient, and require low effort. So far, they are certainly not a good fit for my lawn due to: size, falling tree branches, animal activity, etc. But they seem like a good application for a smaller suburban home.
Do you own one?
How often does it need to mow? Do you let it out daily? Does it take a much longer time than a conventional gas mower?
How complicated was the border fencing installation? Do you need to bury the wire a certain depth?
What happens if a squirrel digs up and breaks the wire? Does it go rouge and savagely trim Mrs. McKeever’s Delphiniums to the ground?
What prevents a covetous neighbor from picking one up and walking away with it?

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I do not have a lawn to mow.
If I did, I would just get a goat.

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@ragingloli I’d have to spend more time just trying to keep the coyotes from eating it They would love a Halal goat meat snack.

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You could replace the grass by pure moss.

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I don’t have one but almost built one as a school project and then decided maybe not such a good idea. I can’t see it working in my yard and I imagine them being sort of like a Roomba in the sense you have to fiddle with them so much it was easier to just sweep the floor to begin with.

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I wish we could use one. But our lawn is so rough we have to use one of these terrifying things.

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I mean, our gardener has a pretty crap personality, don’t know if i’d go as far to say robotic though.

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I don’t have one but have been considering getting one. I’m just not yet convinced that it would be worth the price & frustration. I’m now using a riding lawn mower which is just about to the place where I can say we’ve broken even!!!! I have days that I just can’t use the riding mower & other days that it works out well. On the days that it works, I get a lot of pleasure from defeating the growth & I sleep soooo much better that night!!! I’m also not sure that I’m ready to tackle another form of technology!!! :)

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We’ve got 2 Roombas, so I’m not inherently opposed to the idea. The fact that they have spinning death blades though, means that if the robot AI revolution ever comes around, the lawnmower could conceivably be used against me.

In all seriousness though, I do think they’re too dangerous to operate with autonomy. Imagine an injured animal in the path of the mower. It could severely maim it (in theory) which would be worse than a quick death or a rescue.

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I saw one at a public demonstration. They were tagged 1k and up.
They can tie in to your smart phone.
They have anti theft in that if they leave their area they shut down all functions and GPS tracks their location.
I don’t know how they handle rough terrain. I’m thinking I would have to smooth out my yard some.
I would love to see wolves reacting to it! Lol
Oh I gotta go check out yt. I bet someone has posted such a thing by now.

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Okay, YT actually has many videos of these machines. The video of top 5 does a great job with information, though it may he biased since the voice seems to be a robot also.
Most of the videos of animal encounters involves dogs.
There wereoose videos but I believe to be staged. It seemed someone was using RC to chase the animal. The albino looked shopped.
The best one I watched was titled Husqvarna automower meets farm animals.

Why would an alpaca farmer need a lawnmower of any type?
So, ducks were clustering to the perimeter wire. Seems it could explain the migratory habits of some birds.

Cows watch them like tv.

At least one horse is whipped into a frenzy by them.

It appears dog ow NB ERs want them primarily as an easy way to keep their pets entertained.

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No. My lawn mower has a brain and I call it Rick.

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Gosh that is funny. It is quite original too.

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I seriously considered one of these for my lawn, and I’d do my neighbors also. I might have asked a Q about it, I don’t remember. It might have been on Facebook. I remember I watched a few YouTube’s and read some reviews.

My concern was it can be stolen while it’s working. I’m not fenced, and anyone could grab it. Plus, I was concerned about the edging.

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@JLeslie, they can’t be loaned out. When you purchase one it includes installation of a wire buried around your lawn, or wherever it would be used. That wire is part of the unit’s programming. It prevents the unit from wandering away to hook up with a pretty little leaf blower.
It also works against thieves. If it is taken outside the wire perimeter it shuts down all functions, and the whereabouts can be tracked by GPS.
They can be programmed for what hours they can work, and they dock themselves for charging. That part kind of creeps me out.
Collars are provided for family pets which tell it to go around.
Check the YouTube video I name above, about the farm animals. I think that is the one which mentions the odd behavior of ducks around it.

I apologize for the mess above. I recently switched phones, and this one has a mind of its own. If it wants to split words, add in whole words, or punctuate differently it just does it. Mostly I remember to proofread, but sometimes I forget.

So what was badly butchered above is mention of a video which appears to be staged. A moose attacks one, but background noise sounds like a someone is remotely controlling the device to harass the moose.

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@Patty_Melt I realize the mower is not supposed to work for other people, but if a thief didn’t fully understand how it works they still might steal it. I guess the gps locator would wind them up in trouble though.

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