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How can you get rid of inflammation in your body?

Asked by Harper1234 (811points) August 13th, 2019

as stated

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It completely depends where on the body it is. Not enough information here.

Inflammation on your foot is different from inflammation in your appendix.

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Bandit is right.
Exercise helps, unless it is certain organ type issues.
Medication could be diuretics, or anticoagulant. Taking the wrong one could be bad.

The very best advice you can be given is go see your doctor.

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Is it inflammation due to an injury? If so, your body puts the fluid there to protect it. Torn ligaments, broken bones, the fluid is there for a reason.

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I am prone to stress-related ulcers. The use of a bland diet, no grease or meat, Sprite or water calms me internally. And sleep off the remaining stress a day or two.

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This question is too vague.

Inflammation can be the result of many different things, especially depending on where in the body it’s located. For example, there is a condition called lymphedema which can cause the limbs to swell horribly. Inflammation can also be an indication of an infection, or it could be an alergic reaction, or the body’s response to physical trauma. If you have severe or persistent inflammation, I would suggest you visit a medical professional for an evaluation, many of the things I’ve mentioned can have bad consequences if not treated.

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It would depend on where the inflammation is and what the cause was. Inflammation due to irritation and inflammation due to infection would be treated differently.

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I’m sure the OP is not asking about the over the counter medications (Aspirin ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Midol) Naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn) (ramdom site) but just in case:
I can’t find it in the not random site:

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Go to the doctor.

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I am wondering if some of this joint stiffness is from inflammation or just old age(61).
These is so much talk these days about getting rid of your body’s inflammation and
much of your pain goes away as that is what causes it. Was wondering if exercise or eating a certain diet or drinking ACV would take away the inflammation?

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Found out that one of the BEST ways to fight inflammation is fasting… many positives about fasting besides weight loss and fighting inflammation.

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I’m all for fasting, actually, but I hope you got that information from your doctor. How did they say fasting would help?

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