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Have you heard the latest? Our stable genius has declared the Clintons responsible for Epstein's murder?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21937points) August 14th, 2019

What do you think?

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Yep! Yep yep yep. And the pizza child porn ring.

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Incredible isn’t it. The president of the united states tweeting crap like that. It’s embarrassing.

Wait a minute!!! It’s well know Drumpf hung with Jeffrey Epstein. That’s a fact!
Wasn’t JE in Federal prison? That’s a fact!
And isn’t our Tweeter-in-chief ultimately the one in charge of the Federal prison system? Sounds to me like he is the one who did it and he’s just covering his actions by doing his usual – being a typical blamethrower!
We all know Obama did it!

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LOL! I love you guys!

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WELL. He’s a self proclamed “stable genius.” Why wouldn’t I believe him….~~~~

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Or maybe…. He’s such a genius he followed this logic:
Bill Clinton had sex with Monica Lewinsky.
Some people were angry and but still supported him. Some people did not support him.
Hillary studied law in college and became quite a competent lawyer and politician.
She was so competent she was able to run for President in 2016
But there was still a Southern Baptist woman in some county that was mad at Bill Clinton so she voted against Hilary (“That’s no job for a woman”). That was enough to push her county over the line in favor of Trump which was enough to give him the electoral vote even though he didn’t have the popular vote.
Trump hung out with Jeff Eisenberg and enjoyed many parties with underage girls willing to do anything for lots of money.
Trump won the election and as president had authority over the federal prison system.
He had JE killed to keep him quiet.
So clearly it is Bill and Hilary’s fault since they put him in the position where he could do it.
By the way, Trump has often said he always assigns blame away from himself and onto someone else. “I can always find someone else to blame.”

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Wow @LuckyGuy! You should run for president!

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Here is the latest. Autopsy finds broken bones in his neck. It can happen with hanging, but is more common with strangulation.

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It just hit. The moron once again jumped the gun and tipped his hand. Instead of waiting patiently on the possibility that it will be declared a suicide, trump jumps in and calls it a murder and points fingers.
It’s like little brother mike yells, “Ricky is the one who stole the cookies!” before Mom even knows that cookies have been stolen.

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A stable genius indeed! Just the kind of person I want with a finger on the nuclear button.

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