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How is your iphone home screen set up?

Asked by kristianbrodie (153points) August 27th, 2008

Another iphone query flutherers – sorry! I’ve been fiddling around with my iphone’s home screen for the last couple of weeks and I haven’t yet managed to find the ‘ideal’ way to set up all the app icons, so I was wondering how all of you fellow iphone users do it. Do you go with those apps you use most on the front page? Or the ones with the prettiest icons? Do you colour code? Or do you really not care?

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I try to put the most colorful and simple icons on the first page. Basically all the default icons with fluther, iscopes, and cinema apps. On the second page its a bunch of games and nonsense that looks ugly haha

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I put the stuff I use the most on the first page. I didn’t color organize, but I think I’m going to RIGHT NOW. (No, seriously, I am.)

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And done. You can’t really tell – they weren’t obvious or anything – but color organized.

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I tend to put what I use the most on the first page, after that it’s chaos. Ha ha. It’s time to reorganize soon. At one point I tried to put games and such on one page, but along the way it became mixed up. So there it is.

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Most-used icons on the front home page, grouped by some kind of logic only I understand.

See screen grab here.

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The first page is exactly the way it’s been since I first got the iPhone (minus the Stocks thingy).

Second and third pages are useful applications like AIM, Facebook, and Sportstacular.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth pages are games and useless stuff like Cowbell and Phone Saber (The native apps and the web apps are grouped together). And wherever the list of games ends lies the lowly links to ye olde web apps.

Oh, and from page 2 and onwards, my apps are in alphabetical order. yes, I’m anal about the organization of my iPhone pages

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@empress how do you “color cordinate”?

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All icons are now in ROYGBIV order with brown after violet, black after brown, and I have no predominately white ones.

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I alphabetize mine.

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Since I’m right handed, I place most-oft used apps on the bottom right corner of the main (first) page, fanning out and up from there in order of use/frequency so as to be triggered by my right thumb holding the device one-handedly. My Settings, Safari, Fluther web app and calendar are all in that quadrant. Additionally I’m set on only having three icons in the lower dock-makes them easier to discern for quick access (phone/SMS/mail). iPod and other media apps are on the second page in the same fan-out layout; third page-social networking and blogs/news; fourth page are misc. utilities and least-used; fifth, sixth, seventh-all games.

Lastly for simplicity sake I never use the bottom (fourth) row of a page; I leave it blank for visual clarity and provides an area of black-only that I swipe to advance pages. How’s that for anal?!

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My 1st page has my most-used apps;
2nd page has resources (yellow pages, dictionary, etc.);
3rd page has games and entertainment;
4th page has apps relating to music;
5th page are least or unused (but undeletable) apps.

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sndfreq gets the anal award! (hmmm, that doesn’t sound right)

My organizational method is “organized dissarray”, if that makes any sense. It would take too long to explain it, and pages of diagrams, but here’s some key points:
– lose the iPod from the dock. It’s never time-sensitive that you must start music now. Plus you can always set it to double tap Home, if it’s so damned important.
– that makes room for adding SMS to the dock.
– 1st page is more or less default plus iPod at top left.
– generally apps are sorted by significance from top left to bottom right on each page
– however, exceptions are made for where apps are related. As such Simplify Media is top left on page 2 to mirror the iPod location on page 1. I also like to group related apps by proximity, so Contacts is above Phone, for example.
– page 2&3 are next most significant apps
– page 4 is games
– page 5 is misc. And holding area until I decide if I’m going to keep an app.

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@Maverick – I’d never thought of moving the ipod from the dock, but replacing it with SMS makes so much sense!
@hearkat – handy list of categories!
@sndfreQ – love the idea of leaving the bottom row blank – I’m forever accidentally loading apps when swiping.
and finally, @empress – I can’t believe you colour coded! Good for you! How about a screen shot?

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@Maverick: My iPod icon is on my 4th page with other music apps (Pandora, Midomi,etc.) I too felt the SMS button belonged on the bottom.

I also place icons relative to others: AIM is above SMS; Contacts is above Phone; etc.

I also like to leave at least 2 spaces free on each page to make turning pages easier, because sometimes the screen mistakes my swipe for a tap and will open an app when I was trying to turn the page. (This also happens in Mail when I try to swipe to delete).

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man. I thought I was anal… After reading these responses, I feel…. the opposite of anal

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