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Why am I still hungry?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) August 15th, 2019

I had a good beef steak and 15 chicken wings and a nectarine. Why am I still hungry? Should I eat more? I have navel oranges and king sized Lynt chocolate bars , and beef bavarians ( large hot dogs)?

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It sounds like you have eaten enough !

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It often takes a long time for the full feeling from the stomach to reach the brain.

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Get more fiber in your diet. Like a nice big salad!

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You need to come visit down here, flaky butter biscuits and white gravy. How big are you anyway? Skinny? My husband is 150 or so, I have to keep him fed lol

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@all Update: I had a microwaved mozzarella cheese sandwich in between two raisin bread slices. Am almost full now. Good enough for tonight. Got $60 worth of groceries in the afternoon.

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@MrGrimm Thats what I always teased my uncle about. Now he’s 52 and has the old man gut and skinny everywhere else. Sweet justice haha

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Try some stir fried vegetables.

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Your body is lying to you.

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Eat more? I think I’d be ill if I ate that much.

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It takes a lot more calories for a big man than a small or thin man…think football player.
In the past a friend stated that her football player husband ate a huge salad bowl of cereal in the mornings.He ate much more and bigger portions as his body required it.
Food is fuel for the body..some require more when much bigger than others…Vikings!

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Try eating slowly.

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In all seriousness though, I find it hard to believe that you’re eating that much and are still truly hungry. Not unless you’re engaging in some activity that’s burning a ton of calories. From what I gather from your posts here you live a largely sedentary lifestyle, so I’d rule out burning a ton of calories as a likely candidate. I’d say most like your hunger is psychological in nature, rather than physiological. Sounds like food addiction (yeah, it’s a legit thing).

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He walks three flights of steep stairs daily to get his errands done and his backpack full of groceries.
He gets a good workout, for sure.

Other times he is actively attending meetings where he walks to and from , some quite a ways away.
Cut him some slack, no one here knows exactly his life and activities.
He usually burns off whatever he eats in short time.
Like his father before him and his Grandfather before him he does have a big frame and built for type that football coaches search for. Military,Hockey,Security personnel,any thing where his strength is required is suited for his frame.
His Grandfather ( my father) on my side was built for his Boxing Career because of that..he was 5 foot 11 inches and my brothers ( his uncles) were over 6 feet too.

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@Inspired_2write I don’t think anyone was trying to be mean, mama bear. :)

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Lol , just explaining as he has been attacked in the past, unfairly.
I suppose I do sound like a mama

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Walking up some stairs isn’t going to burn off that kind of caloric intake. I know you want everyone here to coddle him, but sometimes straight-up truth is more helpful. He comes to us for advice. Advice is not helpful unless it is honest. And he’s a 40 year-old man. He can hear these things. He doesn’t need mommy shielding him anymore.

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He’s a big fella like Grimmy, he naturally burns just moving. I’ve known a lot of big guys and fed them at deer camp haha. Never stop eating unless its to catch a buzz on liquor.

@Darth Are you always grumpy in RL? smh bruh

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Yeah, I’ve known a lot of big guys who never stop eating unless it’s to catch a buzz on liquor too. Most of them have died before the age of 50 from heart disease.

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