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How can someone just totally ignore life?

Asked by Gizzy11 (102points) 1 month ago

I am around someone my age and they convince themselves that filling out job apps on the phone is doing everything she can. I have actually seen them convince themselves they do something when I don’t see none of what they are doing.

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When I was in my 20’s I actually kneeled before the manager/owner of KFC/Pizza Hut’s boss in front of the customers and staff asking begging for a job. He hired me on the spot. I didn’t know that I was doing it till years later.

I was told that you should search for work for at least as many hours that you would be working if hired.

Some people will put the basic minimal effort to keep the employment insurance.

Eventually most people will get the desire to live a less austere life and go back to work.

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I never begged. Gosh, that took guts!

I did approach the owner of a grocery chain. I saw a notice that construction was to begin for a new location near me. I made an appointment to see him. I told him I would like to be the cake decorator for his new location. I showed him a picture album of my past work.
He told me he wanted the decorator to be bakery manager.
I pointed out that each were specialized appointments, a nd would be too much for any one person. He didn’t budge. I politely declined. My mistake was not leaving a business card.
Had he interviewed others who would tell him the same thing, he may have called me in.

I had two other interviews scheduled for the same day. I took an offer from one of them.

I think anyone looking for a job after high school should give three months of trying hard to find a job. If they haven’t been hired in three months time, they should join the military. That way they can get a job they are not suitable for and be paid to train for it.

Showing a potential employer visual evidence of what the applicant can accomplish makes a big difference.
Now that phones are also camera/video cam, there is no reason for anyone who wants me to work to get it.
If someone takes care of five siblings, get some video of that. Short clips are best. If someone makes their own clothes, show that. If someone tends a garden, get that.

If your friend won’t do any of this, then they don’t actually want a job.
Employes hear all day long that I want a job. What will get the e it attention is visual confirmation of what that person can do.

By the way, the bakery job I decided to take, I offered to decorate one while he watched. I was hired halfway through.

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It takes all kinds in this world!
I knew of two guys who were supposedly good Christians. They went to church every Sunday. They were managers at the companies they worked at.
But when they were at those jobs, they would lie, cheat, and totally screw with people, especially the people who worked under their supervision.
One of these guys stood by when I was in serious danger of getting the holy crap beat out of me for something I had nothing to do with and he didn’t do a thing to stop it. I could have been killed! And he knew who the real guilty party was the whole time!!

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“How can someone just totally ignore life?”

I don’t know this person, but from what you wrote, I would tend to expect that they do not share your idea that “life” is the same thing as their job search, nor that their lack of enthusiastic participation in job searching is “ignoring life”.

People are complex and different, especially in the meanings they assign to things, and their perspectives about themselves.

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