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Why would a parent tell their child that it is not important to have friends ?

Asked by chinchin31 (1743points) 1 month ago

I know an adult that was told by their parents that friends are not important when they were growing up. The parent also never encouraged him to make friends at school or socialise outside of the parents and family members. Also if they were bullied at school, the parent would just say that it is not important when they came home and did nothing about it. As a result he is kind of socially awkard and prefers spending most of his spare time alone.The parent to this day is very controlling in the adult person’s life and often talks to them like a child. I think this is a very selfish narcissitic parent with mental issues. What are your thoughts on this ? Also, incase you are wondering, no they did not grow up in a rough neighbourhood.

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The parent is ensuring that the child (and then adult child) has only one outlet for any affection or socialization…that parent. It makes the offspring totally dependent, and willing to stay and care for the parent as they age. It is a form of child enslavement.

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Maybe the parent truly believes friends are optional. Is the adult a high achiever amd smart?

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It depends on the situation but in that one I’d say that parent needs a good roundhouse kick to the face. If you don’t have friends at a young age you don’t learn how to behave socially as an adult. I agree with @canidmajor on the probable motive.

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