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What would a world without racism look like?

Asked by seawulf575 (8638points) 1 month ago

If all racism was gone from the world, what would it look like? How would people act? Would it be wrong to refer to someone’s color? Would people find something else to say they were being picked on about?

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Almost Star Trek. Still waiting for a black female captain.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I always wondered about the Star Trek Prime Directive. They are not to interfere in any world’s society. Yet wouldn’t merely showing up be an interference? If an alien culture suddenly showed up on our planet, I suspect it would create quite a stir.

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@seawulf575 Like when the Europeans discovering America and trampling underfoot the native population.

The natives came over the Bering strait land bridge. There might be a space bridge that brought humans from Mars and other worlds. A “space bridge or wormhole? This explains my time travel 10 dimensions YouTube video 11 minutes long

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Sure. But they didn’t have a prime directive to obey. Imagine what would happen to a society of people that were still living in stone age conditions and suddenly someone shows up with a radio, a flashlight, a Bic lighter, a ball point pen…even something as mundane as a guitar. They would be viewed with awe. The stone age people would probably be totally afraid of them and think they were some sort of magic person. Sort of the same thing with Star Trek.

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@Caravanfan Lursa and B’Etor where captains in the kingon ship and leaders of the house of Duras.
Star Trek Discovery had the second in command of female black Vulcan named Michael Burnham. She might be captain one day. I stopped watching. he can be lauded for have the first openly gay couple of officers.

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There was a female black captain in Star Trek 4. The Saratoga that gets crippled by the whale probe.

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Geordi’s mom, black female captain.

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@ragingloli @canidmajor A level of trivia I hadn’t drilled into. Nevertheless, still waiting for one to be the primary captain of a TV show or movie.

And yes, Michael Bernham is a black woman, but she’s not the captain.

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@Caravanfan Yet. At least she is the main character. I stopped watching.

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@Caravanfan, yeah, I just wanted to join in a little Trek chat. :-)

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@Caravanfan I am waiting to see a black captain too.

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Maybe in STD season 3, they will make Burnham captain.
Even though Saru is way more qualified than her.

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I just love how the geeks have hijacked this thread. :-)

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@seawulf575 Yes, it would be a disturbance, so they do disguise themselves, etc. At least, they did in TOS. In JJ Abrams Trek, all bets are off, since JJ don’t care about much, and teenage spunk is apparently what JJ’s Starfleet needs.

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The world is moving away from racism to the great distress of those craving the comfortable existence of the “good old days”. Unfortunately it appears that human nature insists on caste ranking when it comes to any collection of individuals beyond one. There will be some ranking of those who are in or out, and more often than not, such rankings will be based on the most frivolous of reasons.

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I grew up in the 70’s, I didnt see color as a thing. Or LGBTQ’s. We just loved eachother and did some break dancing to MJ.

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Nordic peoples came from the planet Venus and interfered in our Earth, settling in the Baltic region—and were fairly involved in the development of earth civilizations up to and following the WWII era, when the magnetic or vril core of Venus stopped spinning, and with no magnetic shield, the planet heated up VERY fast.

Venus’ core stopped spinning because the Nazis were trying to free several powerful godlike entities, or ascended masters, imprisoned in Venus’ (Cytheria’s) magnetic “Vril” core.

Nazis really weren’t the Nordic prototype but the Nazi effort was a controlled experiment of Cytheria (Venus) to take over the Earth. When Venus’ core was ruptured, there was no more power from the ascended masters, and the Nazis lost the war rather quickly.

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Everyone would be the same color.

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I have to admit, before I read the first response, I thought Star Trek. But that’s more than just race. It’s about no more currency, and a society, where everyone lives, basically in harmony. Part of the stipulation of joining the federation, is that a planet’s residents, must have already stopped fighting amongst one another.

I do think that everyone on Earth, will be about the same color, one day. But I am equally sure, that they will still find ways to hate each other. Probably due to religious beliefs.

Lots of people who are the same “color,” still hate each other, because of religion. Even those who are of the same religion, will hate each other over minor differences in their beliefs/perceptions of the same religion…

Get rid of religion, currency, greed, and then, we have a far greater chance of world peace.

“Imagine” how great the world could be….

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Yeah, throw religion out. Like they did in the schools. Take a look at all the harmony and how safe and secure the schools are nowadays.

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Religion has no place in schools, or society in general….

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I think, at the very core, there would be no discrimination against people based on their appearance. If racism were to not exist, nobody would be disadvantaged by ‘the system’ before they were even born. People would probably still speak different languages, but there would be no hatred or fear directed towards them because one person can’t understand another.
I’d like to think that there would be a whole lot more understanding, and a lot less fear (something I believe is a strong component in perpetuating racism)

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When we are all done screwing each other to the point our kids look exactly the same then there will be no basis for it. We’ll just find something else to fight and kill each other over. That world will probably be achievement or class stratified.

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Even without racism, there is still plenty of crime and warfare,

Most of the killings happen between members of the same race, I mean, just about all,

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If you really think about it, the world did enjoy a long period of no racism back when land exploration wasn’t a thing. There were only people with the same race and the “wild unknown land”. And people weren’t any better back then.

Although I would like to think that if racism was to disappear now, human would have already learned a lesson and start building a better world.

Fun fact: there is a video game with a prehistoric man as a playable character. If you win the game with that character, the man will go back to his time and somehow reunite everyone on Earth into a single nation. The game’s ending is pretty promising: the world would know no war because everyone has already become brothers. I wonder what would happen if the same thing happened in real life.

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@Mimishu1995 That’s true. Racism as we understand it largely began during the age of exploration with the start of the slave trade. Antisemitism and other prejudices existed long before, but skin-color specific prejudice, that belief that “races” were inferior to one another is a more recent development. It started as a means to justify enslavement, i.e. these people are subhuman, so it’s okay to enslave them. It’s very different from the ancient concept of slavery, where slaves primarily consisted of people who lost battles and wars; their race didn’t matter. But that’s not to say humanity wasn’t just as brutal. Humans have always found reasons to hate and kill each other and they always will.

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Nature makes living things draw to what it most like themselves.
Jealousy and greed cause one group to hate another.
Attila tried to quite Huns, but jealousy within blew that apart. The whole kerfuffle waseant to take over the Romans.
There has been racism since at least as far back as written words began.
The only way it could end is if everybody was so happy with their lives, they don’t desire what anyone else has.
Murder is mother nature’s way of telling us to quit I overpopulating our resources.
Racism doesn’t have to lead to mass killings, but something does.

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War leads to mass killings and to a better economy.

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^Care to clarify?

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