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Now that the lead actress for the Mulan live-action remake has come out in support of police brutality and Chinese fascism, what steps is Disney going to take in response?

Asked by ragingloli (45307points) 1 month ago

Fire her like James Gunn and re-shoot the movie?
A public repudiation of the actress?
Or will they roll over and do nothing, because they like all that Chinese box office money too much, now and in the future?

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Maybe just deny and ignore, like they do with people mentioning that their Star Wars movies have been awful.

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Probably some half-assed remark about how her views don’t reflect Disney’s views.

Too expensive to reshoot. It all comes down to money.

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Odds are that Disney will do little beyond advising the actress to shut up UNLESS public pressure threatens the
Conglomerate’s bottom line.

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^^Gave a well deserved great answer to @Zaku. That made my day.

I will be shocked, impressed and inspired if Disney does a principled courageous act in the name of Democracy and just dumps the whole project losing hundreds of millions of dollars.

But even if I think that’s what they want to do, they must be looking ahead far into the future and being shut off from those billion dollar movie audiences in China would be so tragically depressingly in any corporation’s profit projections.

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Maybe they hired her for those views.

A little googling says a Disney Avengers movie sold $100M US on opening day in China in April.

They can’t do business there without kowtowing to the authoritarian government.

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I think the truth has been well covered in the above answers.

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James Gunn was asked back, after virtually all the cast threatened to leave the project.

Roseanne is the only one they booted and didn’t bring back. Hey, how about that spin-off show?

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Disney makes too much money from China to do anything negative towards the actress.

On the other hand, Disney will never hire this woman again, and will think twice about hiring actors from controversial areas. So the actress has done her fellow actors a major long-term disservice by speaking out.

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@Zaku Good thing you said Star WARS…

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Nothing I hope. What she thinks is her business, not theirs.

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