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Tipping Etiquette?

Asked by Patrick_Bateman (747points) August 27th, 2008

First off I’m a server so I know the importance of tipping but, I’m just not sure in this situation.

The guy who cuts my hair had a bigger salon but all his employees left for other salons over a year ago. Since then he has moved out of his big salon and into a one room salon and the only other employee is his receptionist.

My question is should I keep tipping so much since he is the owner. I still pay the same $25 for a mens haircut + $8 tip.

I’m going to keep tipping no matter what I just wanted to know what you guys thought.

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I think the rule of thumb is that you don’t tip the owner. However, if this person is struggling to make it, I would continue to tip him.

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Yeah, it seems good to help him out in his time of need. If you go really often, though, you can probably tone it down a bit.

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I think so, simply because it’s the same guy cutting your hair. I would think it’d be awkward if he was used to the tip and then it wasn’t there anymore.

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I think the “don’t tip the owner” rule was back when all the stylists were employees. Now most of them are all independent contractors so the rules have sort of changed. 10–20% is a pretty good rule.

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I subscribe to the rule of you don’t tip the owner. But if I were to tip, it would be 20%.

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he is not struggling by any means. Getting an appointment is a task within itself.

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Wow. Can I cut your hair? for the 33% tip I would split the difference and cut back to tipping 20%. I think that is more than fair.

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my hairdresser is the owner of the place and also has a big place in NYC, so i stick to the rule of not tipping the owner. he’s definitely not hurting, he’s got a lot of status in his field.

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Yes tip just not so much. Initally you over tipped.

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Yikes, you tip your hair guy over 30%?
I’d go 10–20% as a standard.

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Yes, tip. The ammount seems about right to me.

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@breedmitch 33%?! Can I cut your hair too? :)

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No thanks, but if you’re a bartender, you want me sitting across from you. :)

I tip $10 for a $30 haircut. The guy’s the owner and a friend, and a good customer, and a fellow businessman on the block. The cut would cost Joe Schmo $50. He get’s a discount at the store, but every person that sits in his chair will know where to buy their wines. God, I love New York!

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How ‘bout if I serve you booze AND cut your hair? What % tip would I get THEN? :)

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Don’t kid. In my 20’s in the East Village I think I got that haircut.
sorry for threadjack

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$30 total should work for that price.
At least your a repeat customer.
Just help them out with referrals.

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I tip my tattoo artist 50%-ish. That’s about the only time I have a set amount for tipping. The rest of the time, it depends entirely on the service. Tips aren’t guaranteed, they’re earned.

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But some industries they ARE taxed on the money if you tip or not. In a restaurant I give at least 15% unless the service is horrendous and I want to punish the server which rarely happens. If service is pretty good I’ll give 20% and if it’s great, I might even give 50–100%. I almost always time 25–30% at breakfast. The bill is less and those servers work harder than any other meal.

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Then if they don’t want to get taxed for money they didn’t earn, they should earn it. I don’t have a lot of extra money floating around to give someone who didn’t bother to even write down my order and then, surprise, it comes back wrong… that’s my point.

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