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What do you think about this date and marry series called 90 Day Fiance ?

Asked by Inspired_2write (8821points) 1 month ago

After watching this series I have come to the conclusion that some or all maybe will do anything for the promise of a very sexy marriage? The women on this show seek security and maybe love if that is even a consideration to begin with?
Some appear too desperate and results in loss of time, money and confidence. I suppose the draw includes money that they receive for appearing on each episode which is $1000—$1500 and ups to $2500 if they appear in the tell all special. Also for a 12 month episode that paycheck amounts to $14,500. It seems that money is the prime reason in the end other than gaining U.S. Citizenship,what is your take on this show?

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I watched a few when it first came out. Saw a beautiful Asian girl with an overweight, weird American. She was expected to sleep in his bed, rely on him for all interpretations, customs, etc…and I couldn’t handle it.

Like you said, it must be about the money.

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That is not very much money for a full year. And one doesn’t automatically get US citizenship or even US residency.

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I think only the American gets paid by the show.

Everyone reeks of desperation. The lack of power/autonomy on the part of the non-American is uncomfortable (to say the least).

This show has become my guilty pleasure, but I think with each successive season it is getting worse and more difficult to watch. I think earlier on, there were some good, genuine couples. I’m not sure I can say that anymore.

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@zenvelo One forgets that they also have there own paying job as well on top of that extra.

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Yes that couple survived and are doing well, the man is teaching classes in English.

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@Cupcake I heard in the case of Azan and Nicole that she shared half with him.( as it should be) Its unfair that the other would get nothing?
Did you view Darcy episodes?
She seems unhinged and desperate for Love as a result of her twin sister being more successful then her.

Darcy is emotionally immature and needs counselling to help her realize that she does not have to compete with her sister.

Both Darcy and Stacy are extremely materialistic and narcissistic and are duped by the fashion industry by having “Fake ” everything treatments??

One day those implants,Botox fake eyelashes will cause cancer or something and all will be a huge regret of getting on THAT bandwagon that the cosmetic industry is promoting.

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@Inspired_2write It still isn’t very much money for a whole year! Consider on Survivor, the first person voted off gets $2,500 plus $10,000 for appearing on the end of season final live show.

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@zenvelo wow , that explains the draw.

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I’ve seen it at a friend’s house. She loves it. I think the majority of reality shows are stupid. I think 90 Day Fiance is very stupid. Since reality shows are scripted, and the plots laid out in advance, I think they’re a big waste of time.

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@jca2 “The plots are laid out in advance’?

Doesn’t look scripted, but it is decided “when” they will be aired and I think that its filmed as it happens.
The production just cuts certain parts to air at specific times, otherwise it would be chaotic.
I read that some of this happened about 6 months prior .So production team had to splice the film, so yes that I agree seems scripted, but not the action.

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