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Is it just my imagination or did stanleybmanley just hit the 20,000 lurve big time?

Asked by kritiper (16945points) 4 weeks ago

Land O’ Goshen, man!

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Shazzam! Nice job!

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Well ain’t that a fine kettle of fish!

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Poh, poh, poh…., what a number!

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Here’s a little poem for you.

Stanley’s Choice (based off “The Stanley Parable”)
Pushing a key oh how it brings me glee;
Content even happy in simple existence;
Many may not want to be just like me,
For a dry dreary job takes a work of persistence,
But each button I press is a step to success.

Merely a man without a choice,
Only a puppet with no voice

As I wait for direction with keen apprehension;
I stare at the screen first perplexed then distraught;
I see no coworkers it fills me with tension;
What was that? Was it just a thought?
A voice in my head, now it fills me with dread.

He must choose to make a choice,
To give his mouth a voice

“Stanley,” says he, “walked out his office”;
‘Stanley’ is that honestly my own name?
This voice I don’t trust, I will be very cautious;
I shut my closed door so all will stay the same;
The voice has not parted, I’m back where I started;

The end is never the end is never the end

“Stanley,” says he, “walked out his office”;
Shall I play with him in his own little game?
My other decision was not quite that flawless;
I walk outside and am filled with no shame;
“Rejoice, you’ve made the one right choice”.

Now he’s a man in a world of choice,
The one employee that has a voice

I come to two doors and feel a great sensation;
“Walk through the door that’s to your left”
What should I think of his clear calm narration?
I walk to the left, trying to be quite deft;
“You must not try to be uncouth, my words they simply speak the truth”.

Does he really have a choice?
Are the words his own real voice?

The constant dictation is no consolation;
I am led into a secret new door;
What I now see is a mind control station
But how do I know what is real anymore?
Does this place control me, or the voice within me?

This is the chance to make a choice,
His opportunity to put forth a voice

“Will you close down the station boy?
“Or put its full force into motion?
What choice do I have but to follow the story?
‘Mind control’, I’m dismayed at the notion;
I think I heard the voice inside me just scoff,
I turn the station off.

Only a character in a fixed plot line,
He does not see a contrasting sign

Now I am free but it brings me no glee;
Maybe I should have put up some resistance;
Merely existing means nothing to me;
I must now question my unclear subsistence;
The voice has not parted, I’m back where I started.

A man with a choice,
He has a voice

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Congrats! Much deserved.

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Congratulations! I’m surprised it took you so long. You are a valuable member of our community!

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Mazel Tov! And two dozen Krispy Kremes for you!

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Thanks to all of you. Couldn’t have done it without you.

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Congrats Stan! Took you so long for that.

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Well Mimi, we slow down with age. When I was your age, I vowed that it wouldn’t happen to me. But alas…..

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Congrats on the well deserved 20k! You are the Man!

I’m shipping a few trays of meatless Impossible Whoppers to the party! (With and without mayo!)

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Congratulations, @stanleybmanly! The party has just begun!

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Yes. I want to thank all of you for hiding here with me while Rome Burns.

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Well done, smashing! Bask in your late summer glory sir!

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Excellent! Congratulations!

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You 2 are rarities here these days. I’m touched!

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An insightful Jelly and a sweet pal. Congrats!

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@stan at least you are fast enough to move here before Rome Burns :D

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Congratulations! What took you so long?

Well deserved! =)

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So many variations on that single question. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the like. What’s everyone’s guess on how long it took, or even better, why progress was so sluggish?

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@Mimishu Yes the illusion of safety here in the mansion allows me to duck the cares (and responsibilities) dictated by the flames outside. But wait! Isn’t that the primary function of fluther? Aren’t the rest of you here to duck the tedium and drudgery of housework, homework, toil at the office?

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@Stan I agree to some extend. But we need some moment of peace like this to recharge ourselves before facing life again. It’s like hanging out with your friends after a long day of hard work. Fluther is my safe haven anyway :)

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Yes I think this is our version of others hanging out in bars, a habit I never understood. “Everybody knows your name”

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20kongratulations and well deserved. I always like reading your posts. Keep up the good work!

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Nice job Stan. You’d probably be at 40,000, if it weren’t for the way the system is set up. I’ve probably given you the maximum amount of lurve my account is allowed a long time ago…

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The setup should be viewed as the fitting lesson around the futility underlying the pursuit of justice. Under the best of intentions, someone somewhere is gonna get burned.

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A late congo rats to a wonderful contributor!

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How did I not see this sooner?

Many conversations we have had, some lovely, some bad.
Congratulations your 20k. Will you save me a dance?

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