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How to make healthy food tasty and fun especially for children?

Asked by flo (12373points) 4 weeks ago

How do you make some healthy food taste better and fun for children, if they already know about the hiding it in the food that they already like? Most of us, I’m not sure, are associating unhealthy food with pleasure and healthy food with work, trudgery.

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You do not.
You just tell them to eat it, or go to bed hungry.

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Have them help make it. Getting them involved is always a great way to get them to eat it.

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Melted cheese, and sugar.

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You also can eat it in front of them saying that they are not old enough to eat it. That is how sailors where encouraged to eat sauerkraut. By saying at first that only officers could eat it and was a luxury. Ended scurvy for sailors on long trips.

That how my grandpa tricked me into doing the yard work by refusing to let me do it. I protested and showed that I could do it and all was awesome. To this day I love pumping gas and doing yard work.

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Forget the fun part. Make it so tasty that they will enjoy every bite and clean their plates!

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@RedDeerGuy1 I like your second post, since sugar. is to be avoided. I was referring to healthy food only.
@kritiper Enjoy_and _fun, same idea, right? As in “Make it so tasty that they will, have fun eating every bite and clean their plates!”

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