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If the economy is so good (according to Trump and his acolytes), why are the Trumpies considering lowering payroll taxes and reducing Chinese tariffs to avoid a recession?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26285points) 3 weeks ago

Aren’t the two stances self-contradictory?

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Self-contradictory? The Trump administration? Never!

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He is trying to keep the economy moving and the market rising until the 2020 election so he can blame the next administration for the inevitable fall.
We are getting further and further into debt every second. The bubble will burst eventually – with or without China’s help.

I am betting against the market.

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@LuckyGuy Are you buying any of those stocks that do well when the market goes down?

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Because the Fed raised rates too far too fast. Now we’re trying to compensate for their screw up. Predicting a recession two or three years down the road is nothing new nor anything to worry about.

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@JLeslie Yes, I am. ETFs that have a negative Beta.
I’m not all in but I am slowly moving more things to cash.

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@LuckyGuy I’ve been tracking some funds, but didn’t buy them. I recently bought a government bond fund because I needed some tax free earnings, and wanting something fairly conservative. They’re talking about bonds on the news, I hope I didn’t make a mistake? Give it a glance for me if you have time MMHCX.

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His trade war is generating the recession scheduled to peak for the election.

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