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Will the Koch Brothers back a Democrat?

Asked by JLeslie (57655points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I just heard a little bit of a news report that the Koch brothers aren’t happy with Trump interfering in markets with tariffs.

Does that mean the Koch brothers might actually throw money behind a Democrat for president? Are they already?

As you probably know the Koch’s are libertarians and have supported Republican candidates for many years now, because their focus is on business. On social issues they are quite liberal, so the Republican Party doesn’t have that hold on them.

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The Koch brothers have never liked Trump, and would definitely vote for a Democrat, even though they are economic conservatives.

Democrats should find a more moderate candidate to win people like this, instead of trying to out-radicalize the other contenders

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@Yellowdog “Democrats should find a more moderate candidate to win people like this”

Ask Claire McCaskill, Heidi Heitkamp, and Joe Donelly how running as Republican Lite™️ worked out for them. When given the option, most voters choose the real Republican than the watered-down version. The Democratic establishment is already further right (on pro-corporate issues) than the Republican party was under Reagan. Returning the Democratic party back to the days of FDR isn’t “radical” and it’s smart politics.

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The Kochs would never support a Democrat. They are not at all liberal on social justice issues. Rather than support Trump, they would continue their efforts on the state and local level.

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Reagan would roll over in his grave.

This would be a tremendously long shot. But in the current political world, nothing can be ruled out.

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@gorillapaws Shoot, Claire was never a Rep lite to us. Just another career politician lining her own pockets. For one thing, you can’t get 100% rating on healthcare aka abortion, and call yourself a Rep. Not in Missouri anyway.

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@KNOWITALL She voted with Trump almost 50% of the time. What would you call a Republican that voted with a hypothetical Bernie Sanders president 50% of the time?

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@gorilla I’d have to source thaf figure first, unless you have it handy. I know she campaigned as Rep lire but we didnt see her that way. And her husband profited ogf things she worked on, not a good look.

Dogs ready to cuddle and watch Big Bang. Peace out.

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