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Is there going to be more compassion in capitalism going forward?

Asked by JLeslie (57622points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

See this article.

Supposedly, there is a new move to not make shareholders the main and only priority.

Do you believe it? Will CEO pay come down? Will more taxes or donations get paid by these corporations to support the infrastructure of society?

Will these CEO’s be supporting Democrats or Republicans?

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This is PR and marketing.

If there really were compassion in capitalism, then the energy sector would shift to renewable energy, the private prison industry would voluntarily close down and compensate the prisoners they’ve wronged, the health insurance industry, payday lending, and other predatory industries would all do the same.

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Nope. Your possible outcomes do not follow from the premise. CEO pay won’t come down, and companies will not willingly pay more in taxes. The Roundtable didn’t make any state,emts on that direction.

They were focused on development of employees and appropriate value to consumers.

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I’ll believe it when I see it. This is just talk.

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Talk is cheap.

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I guarantee that if you polled American workers in these businesses without their employer knowing, they’d all say the same thing, Dem or Rep, that the little guys get screwed. And always will.

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You must be kidding. NOTHING is allowed to interfere with maximization of that bottom line short of legal prohibitions, and even those restrictions are tested for what “you can get away with”. Promises of “we will not milk the suckers” or “I will not whip my slaves” should be received with the credulity worthy of a system designed around milking & whipping.

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“Compassion in capitalism”? That sounds weird right from the get-go, like sweetness in greed.

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The shareholders have the final say. I can’t imagine them allowing corporate officers to divert money from dividends in the way suggested.

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The only way it will happen is if people either form bargaining units and demand it, vote with their dollars on companies that behave this way or gov’t regulate the crap out of it.

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