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How can people make excuses like this for their children?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40366points) 3 weeks ago

I always held my children accountable. I never made up excuses for bad behavior. But it seems like most parents are like the mother of this “15 year old who threatened to bring his father’s M15 assault rifle to school and seven people at a minimum.
What does Mom say? ”...he’s just a little kid playing a video game.”
15 is NOT a “little kid.” He may not be a man, but he is not a little kid.

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When it comes to common sense, sometimes the parents aren’t much smarter than the kids.

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Because, you know, we are all at our most eloquent when facing an ambushing press, and confronted with the idea that a beloved child may be capable of such a heinous act.

Less “excuses” I would imagine, than extreme shock.

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Mom also said “she does own a gun and understands threats cannot be taken lightly. ”.
I’m not excusing the behavior of either one, but the other statement needs to have some context.

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Between the two, though, the more serious one is that she absolved him of blame by saying “He’s just a little kid playing a video game.” She obviously didn’t take it seriously.
Assuming she said that in front of him, or he read the article later, how do you think the kid interpreted it?

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The way I see it, she knew he / they were in trouble. She gave lip service by saying, “Threats can’t be taken lightly….” except for threats made by MY kid. We can just disregard them.

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I usually don’t speculate on things like “why would someone say this” or “how could someone think this is ok?” There are a million different reasons why someone would say something or do something or think something, including that they are just crazy, so speculating about it is a waste of time.

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Well even though SHE may not take it seriously I would notify the school, just in case.
How would you feel if later he does it?
I don’t know the legalities, but I think that you would be in trouble for NOT reporting it, even if it was in jest, not in theses dangerous times.

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I have no doubt it was reported. If I were a principal, that kid would be expelled.

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