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Where is the following exchange with words like "pleasure food" and "work food"?

Asked by flo (12381points) 3 weeks ago

Child: “Why don’t you want us to be happy mom (or dad)?
Mom or dad: “Why do you say that?”
Child: “You don’t want us to enjoy ourselves with pleasure foods like….(list of bad for health food), except once in while. You just want us to eat work food.” (list of good for health food)

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Well. A child’s happiness shouldn’t depend on food, either work or pleasure food. Unless they literally never get enough to eat, in which case I wouldn’t think they’d make any distinction.

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I have never come across the term “work food”.
Healthy food can be prepared so as to make it tasty. As for so called pleasure foods, you can train yourself to eat them infrequently and in small quantities. I have cut back on foods high in sugar. I now find that really sugary foods are unpalatable, and I can be satisfied by relatively small quantities.

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Same here @LostInParadise. But in my family, growing up, very little emphasis was placed on desserts so it wasn’t that hard to cut it out of my diet. We never had dessert after dinner, for example.

When I’m hungry, it’s just a pleasure to eat, no matter what it is.

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Not clear what you are asking, flo. It sounds like you are asking for the source of that exchange. Where did you read it? Or put the passage in Google and see what comes out.

I think it’s fairly clear what the child meant by the distinction.

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@LostInParadise So right, but esp. your Healthy food can be prepared so as to make it tasty”. As for so called pleasure foods, _you can train yourself to eat them infrequently and in small quantities” It must be someone who sells garbage food that might have come up with “work” food and “pleasure” food.

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Oops, please ignore the quotation mark after “tasty”

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And how about that work can never be pleasurable. Work is always unpleasant message, whatever the source is.

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Work food can never be pleasurable? Of course it can be. I find lobster and a rib eye steak to be very pleasurable.
OTIH, pleasure food, like black licorice, is NASTY!

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…Typo in my last post. It should read ’‘And how about the message: work can never be pleasurable, work is always unpleasant . People who’ve turned their hobbies to their jobs, and others who like /love their jobs so much they wouldn’t quit even if they win lottery.
So, there is no such thing as work food. It sounds like You eat healthy food just before you go to work, and the rest of the time you eat garbage food.

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“Work” and “pleasure” are metaphors here, not literal.

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Announcement: ’‘I’m easily led by the nose’’

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