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Can you burn to death in a heated winter jacket?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26289points) 3 weeks ago

Apparently this latest winter gift is a heated winter jacket. (Here is an example.)

It contains a lithium ion battery (rechargeable) which powers the heating element.

Given the history of lithium ion batteries and their record of catching fire when charged, would this be a safe purchase?

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I’d say no. Airlines don’t even like those batteries in the luggage compartment!

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You would only die of you couldn’t get out of it fast enough when it flames up. They usually start smoking first, so you get some warning.

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I wouldn’t call it a wise purchase regardless. Why would I want a jacket that can malfunction?
It’s needlessly complicated and isn’t going to outperform normal cold weather gear. People in Antarctica and Alaskan villages don’t wear electric jackets.

I have a $150 (very expensive for me) jacket that I have worn on long walks in -15F weather. It’s lasted 12 years so far and I expect many more.

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Yes, you could possibly, if for some reason the zipper has malfunctioned while you’re wearing it.
No, not a safe purchase.

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If you forget to switch it off it could also burn your house down. I won’t be getting one.

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I just viewed the product and it has only ONE small battery not several in the jacket.Looks like it operates like a heated electric blanket?
-15F is a nice balmy day here.
Here two times a year ( Nov & Jan/Feb) it can get to -20F – -35F but it is NOT like up in the northern Arctic where it is wet and cold, here dry and colder but dressed warm can be nice especially with light falling fresh snow.

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