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Have you or would you invite a Jelly to your home?

Asked by wiscoblond (1578points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

I’m so excited. EvelynsPetZebra is visiting my new home with his wife this Friday. I can’t wait! He’s like a big brother to me. He’s going cheese shopping first and bringing me some Gouda.

He came to my home before when I lived in Illinois.

Have you had anyone visit you at your home or in your hometown? How’d it go?

If you haven’t, would you invite a fellow Jelly?

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I’d definitely meet them all. I am VERY cautious about whom I even let know where I live. Only a handful of even my closest/oldest friends, know where I moved to.

I don’t travel much, anymore. But if ANYONE swings through Charleston SC, please feel free to PM me. It’s been referred to as one of the friendliest places in America, in multiple travel magazines, and sites. I’ll show you around, and of course, we’ll have to find a place to sit and debate. There are millions of great places like that here.
I’m addressing ALL jellies…:)

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I’d visit! I’ve never been to the southeast. :)

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I’m pretty well traveled. Charleston, is one of the best places I’ve ever been. Even if you don’t look me up. You should put this city on your bucket list.

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@MrGrimm888 I wish I lived in the US…

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I would. I would be willing to visit a Jelly if I were friendly with him or her. I’d even visit a Jelly if we weren’t so friendly online, and maybe we’d become friends.

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@jca2 I agree. I’d like to meet all my jelly friends too :)

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I have not, but I would. There are a handful here I’d feel 100% comfortable with getting to know in RL.

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It’s possible. What do we have in common?

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Absolutely I would, only a select few, most of who aren’t even here any more. I would of course place our staff on high alert…perform or be fired!

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I would invite jellies to my home. Tell EPZ hello for me. Years ago he sent me a jelly sticker. I still have it.

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My door is open. V V

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Nah. You all are nuts :P

I could probably make an exception for a few. But Chez Demosthenes is a happy place. If you so much as utter the word “Trump”, I’ll call an Uber to take you back to the airport :)

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Of course not.

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I would attend a group meetup. My experiences meeting people IRL from online forums has been mixed. I would not invite anyone to my house without meeting in person first.

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^Yeah. That was my point, about meeting somewhere else.

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I ‘ve met about 10 Jellies in real life and one or two have been in my home, including Our Founders.

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While I have not met any Jellies, I have met some Askville friends. (Askville is long gone, but there is a group of us on Facebook.)

We (my husband and I) have spent Thanksgiving with one couple twice, and we are going back this year. They have come here twice as well. It’s always a good time. We have also gone to Arizona to stay with another couple I met on Askville. Lovely people and we had so much fun!

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I’d enjoy that! I know who I’d call if I were ever in Vietnam!

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^^ How about New Jersey?

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“I wish I lived in the US…”

I wish you lived in the Los Angeles area.

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I’ve met a couple of jellies, perhaps the next time a certain penguin makes it out my way for a walk again, she can drop by my place for tea afterwards.

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Certainly. If you’re ever in Boston…

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I haven’t but I would.

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@cookieman c’mon over; I’ll bake you cookies.

@flutherother Next time in NJ?

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Were I in NJ, I surely would.

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It looks like I have some traveling to do. =)

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^You could do a Fluther world tour! Might make a great Anthony Bordain-like show…

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@janbb I’d love to.

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