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What's a good city to build my entrepreneur legacy?

Asked by emorris24 (101points) 1 month ago

My name is Eric and I am looking for ideas on cities that are prime for business and have a surrounding city or town with relatively low cost of living. All I need to start off is a studio apartment. I don’t have much in the way of possessions. I am looking for cities as far away from PA as possible because I have a past in PA and I am trying to escape it. Also if anyone could give me ideas on what kinda business to start off with, I’d appreciate it! I’m working on an Associate degree in business administration and upon graduation will be getting my Bachelor’s and Masters from the same online University.

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As far as what kind of business, you need to think (“assess”) about what your skills are and what you like doing. Also what do you have to start the business? Do you have money (“capital”)? Do you have friends that can lend you money (investors”)? Do you have stuff you can use to start the business?

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What are you good at? What sort of business do you expect to be in? It’s way premature to talk about your legacy (in fact, it’s sort of silly) until you have focused in on the ground floor of whatever you want to do.

And if you’re like most people, you will change jobs, and change interests, at least twice before you retire.

Start by focusing on the small stuff. Wherever that is.

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Depends on how your business will relate to your local community. If your customers and co-workers will be remote (e.g. via Internet and/or mail), then you could choose someplace remote and inexpensive with only the features you personally want/need. Otherwise, the local people, culture, etc., will be directly relevant.

It seems to me choosing the business type should probably come first.

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With your background, do some research for “fast growing cities” and start an employment agency for others in your same situation. It could be a co-op type business with clients helping each other .

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I’m not saying I’m going to have a legacy that is just the plan lol.

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