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Why do I get terrible stomach cramps not long after I eat most raw fruits and vegetables?

Asked by wiscoblond (1726points) 4 weeks ago from iPhone

I know, I need to see a doctor. That’s the plan. I’m just curious if anyone had an idea what could be causing this.

It first started with grapes and bananas about 15 years ago. Those were my favorite fruits too. About an hour after I would eat them I would get debilitating cramps and have to lay down for a couple hours until it went away. I stopped eating those fruits.

Then came avocados. I can’t eat guacamole now. :(

I love salads but now those hurt my stomach as well. I can’t eat raw carrots or tomatoes. I can sometimes handle red leaf lettuce in small doses but my small salad today is hurting my guts.

What gives?

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I would suspect allergy or possibly enzyme issues.

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The reason this happens to me is not enough “good” bacteria in my digestive tract.
My doctor told me to eat yogurt. She says to avoid the sugared, flavored type, stick to plain, Greek yogurt.

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Where are the cramps? Up in your stomach organ? Behind your left breast? Upper center? Down in your colon? Lower left side, or lower right side? All over?

Raw veggies rough up my digestive track, but I don’t think I’ve noticed it with fruits.

I think allergy, or maybe some sort of gastritis if it’s up in your actual stomach, but I really don’t know. If it’s down low, especially your lower left I’d say maybe diverticulitis or colitis.

Do you get very constipated or diarrhea from those foods? Do you feel better after you go to the bathroom?

You could try the probiotic idea given above.

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Upper center.

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I’m so sorry that’s happening to you! I find GI doctors to not be very open to nutrition/food sensitivities/inflammation issues, in general. On the chance that you do not get what you need from your doctor appointment, you may want to see a nutritionist or some kind of functional medicine provider.

I agree with what @JLeslie said. Perhaps leaky gut or an overgrowth of candida that gets fed by sugary fruits? I think a bacterial imbalance may be likely, but that all kind of goes together. Maybe with some online digging, you can find a practitioner who does stool tests to inform your intestinal bacterial levels.

Good luck! This might take some digging…

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Dead center? But, cramping not burning? Interesting. I wonder if it’s some sort of esophageal spasm? I don’t really know the symptoms or treatments, but just by the location I came up with that. Lol. It’s a total guess, nothing I have any knowledge about.

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Gallbladder problems and or food going through the digestive track and hit a blockage..get colon test.

( new way of checking for colon problems now just on the news one just takes a pill with a device that sends information to the operators computer, then the pill is expelled naturally.

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Just get a workup done, have them check your pancreatic enzymes as well. Gallbladder issues are usually triggered by fat, I would not put that high on the list.

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Gall bladder is usually extremely painful. That’s possible too. That usually is felt to the right of center.

Edit: That’s what threw me, the fat thing, but if there is a gall stone bouncing around it can happen just randomly too.

I think you need an abdominal ultrasound. Maybe an upper GI scope, but I’d rather go for the ultrasound first.

Let us know what happens.

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Thanks for the information. Luckily I’m in a location with great medical care. Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of this.

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Something that came up in my research was fructose malabsorption. My symptoms are very similar.

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