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Is it just sex if you both cuddle afterwards?

Asked by honeybun35 (229points) 3 weeks ago

Even though me and my friend just have sex there are times we do other things as well. We spend time together at his house we went out to eat.
When we have sex we don’t go out separate ways he likes to spoon and put his legs around mines and go to sleep

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What about you? Is sex your only ticket to companionship?

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You describe an ideal (for him) Friends With Benefits. Post coital cuddling is a part of good sex; it extends the pleasure period. Sleep afterwards just means he doesn’t have to drive home.

Do you make him breakfast the next morning? Does he talk to you over coffee the next morning? That would be more indicative of something more, but not much more.

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I think you need to talk to him instead of us. How are we supposed to guess at what is going on in your relationship?

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I’ve had a couple long term relationships, that began very similarly… I suppose, it varies from case, to case…

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How old are you, @honeybun35?

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^The OP claims to have known the other person for 15 years… IF that’s true, we can make an assumption that they are at least of legal age…

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I wasn’t thinking they were not legal, I was just wondering about the emotional maturity.

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She has claimed to be 49.

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I can help but cast an evil eye on that number.

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Huh…don’t know if that went with this question but ok

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^Minors find their way onto Fluther occasionally. We, as a community, try not to get involved with them. For MANY reasons.

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Do you have anyone like a mother to talk to? That’s my recommendation.

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