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Are Palestinians taught to hate Jewish people?

Asked by JLeslie (57629points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

The question is a bit of a bait and switch, because I know a lot of people say Palestinians, and Arabs in general in the Middle East, are taught to hate Jews, but what if the Jews are taught to hate Palestinians? In both cases I believe it’s just a minority of the population taught to hate. I ask that you watch the Nas Daily Facebook video and tell me what you think after seeing it.

I don’t think Nas can be seen outside of Facebook. Nas is a Palestinian-Israeli who studied at Harvard and does Facebook videos on his travels around the world.

He did a follow up to the video I posted above where you get to see a positive interaction right after the negative one. The first minute is an edited version of what you saw already.

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I think there is probably a bit of several things playing into people’s views of other people. I think in some cases there are actual things that impact people. Let’s say you are a Palestinian and an Israeli attack kills one of your friends or family members. That would tend to influence you to not like Israelis. And it if the attack was in retaliation for an attack by a Palestinian group, you wouldn’t put as much emphasis on that aspect since it was removed from your personal life. I think that the media plays a big part of the bias. When the Palestinian news outlets are claiming 24/7 that Jews are horrible and evil and baby-killers; when they ignore their own wrongdoings and overblow those of the Israelis, Palestinians tend to get a bit brainwashed to believe it. The same goes for Israeli news about Palestinians. I personally believe the same goes in this country about Dems v Repubs or left v right. And some of it probably is generational…young people hear the biases of the older folks and believe it.

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When two populations with a long history of violence live right next to each other, with one having legal dominion and superiority over the other, and there is regular violence that hits houses and hospitals etc., even if somehow they didn’t “teach” hatred of the other people, wouldn’t that tend to lead to hatred anyway?

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I read an article once, years ago now, that showed text books from Israeli and Palestinian schools, that definitely taught them bad, sometimes false information about each other…

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